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Biking to New Places

Oh yeah – these short weeks are crazy/awesome! It’s already Wednesday!! Never mind that my calendar is loaded with meetings and to-dos and I’ve been arriving a bit early and staying a bit late to catch up – it’s all good. We’re flying towards vacation week!

Our previous home owners planted several bunches of yellow iris around the back yard shed. I don’t know if it’s the lack of dirt, the abundance of rocks, or if they are in the wrong environment (too much sun, etc…) but they never grow very tall and most of the leaves brown at the tips before I ever get flowers. This time I snagged a couple of them so we could enjoy them inside the house before they die away.


If only we could keep the flowering plants (and trees!!!) flowering longer!

With all of the fun Memorial Day stuff to occupy yesterday’s post, I didn’t catch you up on my Friday morning ride! I finally, finally, finally biked into work! 🙂 Since I work half days on Fridays, I figured that would be a good day to bike in because I can wear jeans and wouldn’t need to pack another pair of pants, and I don’t need to pack a lunch either. I left home early and started on my way. It’s a short ride (2+ miles) but it’s definitely more work on the legs with the new bike. I took it pretty easy so I wouldn’t arrive sweaty and all in all it was about 13 minutes.

They have a locked bike area. Unfortunately I left my key in my office desk drawer, so I had to park in front of the building, race upstairs to get the key, and then bike back around to the back. Here’s the little bike area. I had company when it was time to leave!


It was a freezing ride to work for my hands. I should have had mittens. The ride back was perfect though!


I always seem to have a million excuses not to bike in – most of them due to being hot, sticky, and having nasty hair for the work day, but I’m going to try and do a few more Friday bike rides this year. I definitely like the early morning exercise, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. It wakes me up!

It was another 6-circuit boot camp last night. We did 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds transitioning with 5 loops through.

  • sit-ups with Russian twists
  • step up on box holding medicine ball
  • lunges with overhead plate press
  • plank
  • rowing machine
  • one arm ring rows

Dare I say I totally rocked this workout? I don’t know if it was easy just because of the exercises they picked, but I was all over this. I was still a sweaty mess by the end, but I got through everything! Oddly enough, I even made it through all 5 rounds of sit-ups. I need to reach behind my head and use my arms to help propel me, but I’m making it all the way up instead of doing crunches. Boom!

Go me.

Tonight I’m hoping to get a short walk in and see how my leg is doing. I’ve been babying it for a few weeks now and I’m wondering if I can handle a short walk without pain. We also have some cleaning/tidying to do and I’m hoping to finish up with getting the last addresses I need for my invitations. We’re getting them put together this weekend!


2 Responses

  1. You probably rocked the workout because you have been doing them for a while! Strength gains – woo hoo!

    The irises might just need to be divided. They take that pretty well. From what I have been reading, wait for 6 to 8 weeks after they blooms die to dig up and break off the rhizomes. I will be doing that this year for the first time with mine.

    • Huh, I never would have thought they needed dividing! Good idea. I think I need to get some basic gardening handbook so I have a better chance of figuring these things out. 🙂

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