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The Best Memorial Weekend


It’s not often – okay, never – that we end up with a gorgeous weekend on Memorial Day. In fact, it’s almost a curse for our city because all of the festivities of Summer land over Memorial Day weekend and then Green Bay takes over for the 4th of July. Usually there’s tons of rain and it’s freezing but not this time!

And it all kicked off with a birthday dinner for the man of the day. Look at this good-looking group!

Happy Birthday Dad!!


My Dad is a huge childhood Cardinals fan – which was how I got into cheering for the redbirds too. After all, what little kid isn’t going to cheer along for their dad’s team (unless they happen to be Alex. Alex always goes rogue!).

We had burgers, sweet corn, and orange whipped sweet potatoes.


Plus Mom made cheesecake from her very own homemade cream cheese. Lori – we used your blueberry pancake topping for this and it worked great!!! 🙂


Sunday night we sat and watched the fireworks and then Memorial Day it was all about the parade!





It was a HOT parade – but Ben and I scored an impressive amount of our chocolate loot:



We ended up clearing out just before the end of the parade. I was pretty hot and the rest of the floats didn’t look that interesting. We got home and vegged around the house – doing laundry and being bums. I also put together a fun new dish that was my contribution to the Memorial Day dinner. I made some fiesta rice:


It ended up being a humongous bowl and I thought I would end up taking most of it home – but the family devoured it. I will have to post the recipe.

My plate:


The weather was so incredible, the air smelled wonderful, and THE CRABAPPLE TREES ARE IN BLOOM!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year and psychologically, I can tell. In fact, for a girl who has been so stressed these past few (many) months, I told Ben last night how I am feeling so much more calm and zen. I’m at home in the nicer weather, the sunshine, the long days, and being outside.

I could go on and on and on but essentially it all boils down to a great week. I hope it was wonderful for all of you too!!


5 Responses

  1. Looks like a terrific weekend. The weather was perfect!

  2. Yay for the blueberry sauce! And yay to feeling more zen. I need some of that.

  3. That rice looks so good!!! And I love that first family picture. Such great smiles!

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