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My Butter Rose

Eeeeeek! Eeeeeeek!

I’m excited – the 10-day forecast looks outstanding. How does it go from frost in the mornings and high 50s to 80s though? I’m wondering how my body will handle the quick shift. Let’s bring on some of that 70 degree stuff!

I am also excited because I purchased this gorgeous rose bush. I saw it on a greenhouse shelf, took a big whiff, and fell in love. It’s soooooo fragrant and just beautiful. Come on – check out this bloom:



Now the trick is to figure out where to plant it and protect it from the gnawing bites of pesky neighbors. I have a lot of pink rosebushes in the front of the house and I love them because they bloom for ages. But they are small blossoms and not these picturesque va-va-voom blooms.


I think my weekend project is going to be working on getting some hanging planters going and then getting this beauty into the ground.

Boot camp!

Ben and I were on the fence a bit about paying for an additional month of boot camp, but ultimately decided to go for it. Since it’s pricey, we’ve never missed a scheduled class and have gone 3x a week each week. While the weight situation hasn’t progressed, I am feeling stronger and (dare I say) I almost have a visible bicep on my right arm. Hee hee – some days it’s the little things, right? 😉

So Monday’s boot camp went by lighting fast! They broke the room into 3 stations. Each station had 4 exercises and you needed to complete 10 reps before moving to the next exercise. Keep rotating through the exercises in your station for 4 minutes, then take a 1 minute break, and then 4 more minutes. After 2 4-minute sessions, you move to the next station and repeat. Clear as mud? 🙂

Station 1: 4 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest (repeat 2x)

  • Ball squats (hold the large ball and squat)
  • Ball lunges (hold the ball and lunge)
  • Wall Balls (deep squat, throw ball at marked line on wall, catch & repeat)
  • Russian twists (sit on floor, rotate ball side-to-side while sitting slightly back on your butt)

Station 2:

  • Pushups
  • Ring Rows
  • Situps
  • Flutter Kicks

Station 3: death by kettle bells

  • Kettle bell overhead press
  • Kettle bell squats
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Sit-ups w/Kettle bell

I started with 20 lb kettle bells and quickly learned that was WAY, WAY too much – especially with this being the final station. I moved to 10 lbs (the smallest they have) and that was too light. Pity there wasn’t an in-between.

For this final month of boot camp, I told Ben I want to challenge myself to complete some non-girl pushups each class. It’s hard on my wrists, but I’m really hoping to firm and tone my upper body a bit before a certain day in mid-September. It doesn’t have to be a ton – even one a day would be a start. So we’ll see what’s in store for us tonight!

I’m still wishfully hoping my random plant in the front of the house is a raspberry plant. There’s no reason it would be – it’s not like I planted some fruit there last year – but it’s fun to think it is until someone bursts my bubble and tells me it’s a poisonous plant or evil weed. 😉


alrighty – off to work! Getting closer to the long weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. I love the rose. It reminds me of my 100 pound rose, which is Sunsprite. So fragrant!

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