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Wine, Gardens, and Marathons

Happy Monday!

We lucked out with another weekend of fabulous weather. I’m just loving being able to walk outside without a sweatshirt and roam around the yard listening to the firey chirping of the birds. There was a little bit of everything crammed into this past weekend and I did a pretty dismal job on the picture front, but I do have some fun stuff to show you.

Ben took Friday off and after I wrapped up work, we cruised up to Door County – stopping at our favorite place for lunch. The Paleo diet went out of the window that day so we could enjoy the wonderful bread and french fries they serve. Yum!!

Ben chose a grilled cheese with fries.


My standard is the turkey sandwich on the black bean salsa bread


Most delicious thing ever!! Lunch was great too because the place was quiet and almost empty. We didn’t get to Door County until 1pm so we beat the lunch crowd. Of course, a Friday before Memorial Day helps with crowd control too!


We’ve been hunting to find this amazing organic salt / essentail oil hand scrub and supposedly it is made in Sturgeon Bay. We ended up at their shipping/receiving warehouse… and walked into a room with tons of pallets for all their products (and no people!). Lucky for them we’re honest and found a receptionist who helped us track a lady down so we could grab a few items.

Then it was wine tasting time! Everything closed at 5 so we were racing around. We picked up a freshly baked cherry pie I ordered the night before, re-stocked our coffee supply, and hit the two wineries I liked the most from our girl’s wine trip.

Ben had never been wine tasting and he got a total kick out of it! But we needed someone with more experience to help because although I know my wines need to be sweet, sweet, sweet, Ben hasn’t yet figured out what he really likes. So it would have been nice to have stopped by when we had more time to ask the folks for more ideas rather than randomly sampling off the list.

Winery stuff:



Saturday morning was boot camp! It was a brutal one too… We got home, showered, and then it was time to get cranking on the yard work. This picture I just found on my camera. It looks like someone was spying on my while I planted my seeds!


I’ll admit I didn’t do much rhyme or reason to the planting this year. That may be a “next year” thing. I have more space but still need to plan carefully because we wanted to try some new stuff this year too:


Would you believe BEN picked out the spinach? MY Ben??? What have I done to the man!? 🙂 All in all, I planted one full bed of sugar snap peas, one bed of green beans, 4 zucchini & 2 summer squash in another bed (same bed as last year since they did so well there), a tiny row of butter lettuce, a half row of garlic chives combined with a half row of spinach, a full row of onions, and another full row of spinach. I have two full beds waiting for my pepper plants and a spot for a regular and cherry tomato. It’ll be exciting to see what grows well this year!

My front flower bed is doing so well this year! It’s begging for a makeover and a layer of mulch but I’d rather hold off on the mulch until I decide what to remove and what to transplant. I love the white bleeding hearts but the two together take up way too much room, so one will be transplanted. My blue sprading flowers are pretty, but I’d rather have room for something else… Oh yes, and I want more tulips!!


With no rabbit carnage, I got so many blooms this year. If you walk outside the front door, that’s all I smell and it’s FABULOUS.



Sunday we got up super early so we could hit Alex at the ~5mile mark for the Cellcom Half Marathon. Poor planning on our part – the full marathon started at 7am and the half at 8am. That meant sitting around for more than an hour while we waited for the runners to trot past.


That’s OK though, we’re troopers!!


Right on time, Alex shot past us! It’s hardest to take pictures the first time you see your runner because you haven’t figured out the runners around him to give you a visual head’s up. As a result, we didn’t get any great shots, but you can see him in his orange tank.




It was cool and overcast during the first bit of the race – perfect conditions for the runners! Alex did great and shaved a minute off his half marathon PR. He finished in 1:37.

After calling the parents to give them an estimate on when he’d hit their cheering location, we walked two blocks to our old breakfast stomping ground!

The usual:


It’s so fun going there because everyone knows us. We haven’t been there in months and the people commented how they thought we’d moved away.

Ben’s back felt a little funky, so we took it easy the rest of the day. We cleaned inside and I made 5 trips from the hose to the garden to water my little seeds. There’s still no signs of life on my raspberries but I have a couple strawberry plants that look like they are going to make it. That’s something!

Tonight I’m picking my four NuNaturals winners. Stay tuned tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. 1:37!? That’s incredible!!! Way to go, Alex!!!! Also…black bean salsa bread?! Sounds amazing!

  2. Your tulips are lovely! Worth the wait 😀

    I am not a big spinach fan in general, but I do love fresh, fresh baby spinach – lightly sauteed.

    • I’ve never made sauteed spinach. How do you make it so it isn’t the ball of slimy goo you get when you heat pre-cooked frozen spinach?

      • The key is to only use fresh spinach. Heat the pan up hot and add some butter. Then toss the spinach in it just until slightly wilted.

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