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The Dead Fruit Plants

It was do-or-die time last night folks. My raspberry and strawberry plants had been sitting in the fridge for over a week and looking pretty darn sad (if not already dead). We decided to race against the rain and the sun and finish up the fruit garden last night. This required a 4th trip for dirt (why we don’t measure, I’ll never know), a 3rd trip for fencing, and a lot of scurrying around to get everything planted and ready to go!

The end result went from this:


To this:


We’re not 100% done yet – I have a bit of space at the end for something else (rhubarb, maybe?) and haven’t placed the hay around my strawberries yet. The “walking path” down the middle also needs a layer of the black grass barrier and a bag of cedar chips. Oh yeah, and Ben still needs to build me a door. In the meantime, we have the fencing wrapped around and stapled closed.

I don’t have high hopes any of these plants are going to make it though. The roots were completely dried out and dust-crumbly. The good thing is I have some friends with both raspberry and strawberry plants, so if these don’t take, I can make the switch and still be optimistic for berries next year.


This strawberry plant still was green! He’s the best looking of the bunch:


I’m hitting myself a bit for not getting this done sooner, but sometimes you just do that best you can do.

Dirty and tired, we put all the equipment back in the yard and headed inside at 7:30pm to analyze dinner plans. Imagine my luck when my girlfriend texted that they were holding dinner for us and to come on over. Wow!

When you’re tired and hungry, nothing beats a meal you didn’t have to make. She was trying out black bean burgers topped with sharp cheddar and bean sprouts, broccoli, and a delicious salad with parmesan, eggs, and almonds.


I haven’t had an actual bun like this in weeks and it tasted sooooo good. OMG I love bread!! 🙂 The bean burgers were amazing – but the ingredient list is a bit dodgy (MSG-added!) so unfortunately it’s probably not something I’d buy for us at home. I still want to try making my own sometime though.

Today’s an insanely crazy day at work with meetings galore! I’m excited to get today over with though. Ben has tomorrow off and once I get home from work, we’re headed back up to Door County for more wine tasting and a visit with his parents. It should be the perfect start to the weekend!!


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