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Analyzing the Bloodwork

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Good morning & happy Wednesday! The sun is shining and it looks like we may get a full day without rain. That’s cause for celebration.

Every year I take part in the company-wide Health Risk Assessment. They get your height and weight, take your blood pressure, and perform a blood draw to get your cholesterol and all those good details. I had mine done a couple weeks ago and they just posted the details. What’s interesting is I can now look at a 3-year trend and see where things are.

2014 HRA

The best thing overall has got to be my blood pressure. It’s stayed really consistent and low each time I’ve had it checked. I was a bit worried it would be high when I got it checked last (because I was pretty tired and stressed) but things checked out just fine. (Why it says Jan 2014 and not May 2014, I don’t know!)

Last year all my numbers were really high – including my total cholesterol being a touch over the recommended 200. But looking at 2012 and 2014 being so close, I’m wondering if that may have been a blip. While I’m still being flagged for having too much tummy and too much weight, all of my other numbers are the best they’ve looked – that’s encouraging. My good cholesterol has never been higher and my bad cholesterol is on the way down. Definitely fun to see good results!

Boot camp

To work on my waist and weight issues, it’s boot camp time! Yesterday’s workout was all about the arms! Perfect for getting a hot upper body to look divine in my wedding dress, right? 😉

6-circuit workout, 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of transition (repeat each circuit 6 times) – 36 minutes total. Work to complete as many as you can in the 40 seconds

  • Three-second pushups (push down, hold for 3 seconds, push back up)
  • Kettle bell upright rows
  • Mountain climbers
  • One arm planks (position higher than a pushup – on your hands, alternate letting go of each hand and keep your core from moving)
  • Ball taps (tap & catch a medicine ball against the wall)
  • Kettle bell overhead reaches

If you can’t just look at this and know, it was death on my wrists. Usually pushups are about all I can do before I get pain (and I do the girly knee pushups). Having to keep that position through mountain climbers and the planks as well wasn’t working. So I used a box and did my mountain climbers up higher. I also switched the one arm planks to be a regular plank. No one cared, no one batted an eye. The key is that you keep challenging yourself and you keep doing something.

On our way home I got the brilliant idea to stop at the store and get dirt to try and plant my dead-looking raspberry plants. Why on earth I would have thought lifting 40 lb bags of dirt after a workout was a good idea? I’m crazy! But Ben was a sport and we loaded up 16 bags of dirt (MORE than enough to fill everything in) and got to work.

Have I mentioned we always under-estimate the amount of dirt we think we need? This was no exception. We are about 10 bags short. But we got enough in that I was able to plant the raspberries last night. By the time I was finished it was dark out and I was a hot and dirty mess – but I’ll grab a picture tonight. I don’t have high hopes – they looked really, really dry. But I’ll give it a few weeks and if nothing happens, then I’ll yank them out and buy some new ones.

Dinner last night was an organic brat patty alongside a kale & chard salad with sprouts, feta, and balsamic dressing


If all goes well tonight, we’ll plant the dead-looking strawberry plants as well as the seed veggies in my regular garden. I feel really behind getting stuff into the ground and I’m itching to plant so I can watch the sprouts start to pop. I get excited just thinking about it!

Off to work!


6 Responses

  1. I’ve definitely been focusing more on my arms lately….they’re the only things noticeable in my dress!

  2. Your Risk Health Assessment numbers were all very good. That picture of you in your backyard from yesterdays post makes you look trim. Keep up your great work!

  3. It just goes to show that weight isn’t the entire picture of health!

    • Very true! But weight is what everyone readily sees so it’s a bummer when that isn’t ideal. I have a friend who is super skinny but just got notice that he’s pre-diabetic now (terrible diet). You’d never know by looking that I’m healthier – at least in terms of cholesterol and all that!

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