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Killer Abs

What a workout last night! Since we are working out Mon, Thurs, and Sat this week, by the time we arrived yesterday I was pumped up, rested, and ready to go. Boy did I need the extra energy too – last night’s workout was killer.

They broke us into 3 groups and we each went to a station. Stations were 10 minutes long and you repeated the circuit as many times as you could in the 10 minutes. Ben and I were split up again but we keep an eye on each other as we work out.

Round 1 (Legs):

  • Squats holding 15lb ball (x10)
  • Lunges holding ball (x10)
  • Air squats holding ball (x10) – squat and jump into the air
  • Plank (30 sec)

Round 2 (Arms):

  • Standing ring pull-ups (x10)
  • Pushups (x10)
  • Rubber band pull-downs (x10)
  • Side plank (30 sec/side)

Round 3 (Abs):

  • Situps (x10)
  • Leg raises (x10)
  • Heel taps (x10/side)
  • Bicycle crunches (x10)

Ben’s group started on abs and my group finished on abs. I could tell I wasn’t the only one struggling to keep moving during the circuit. After all the other planks, our abs were painful messes. But seriously, if you’re looking for a good non-crunch ab exercise, those heel taps I could really feel and they didn’t strain my neck.

We used the last of our spaghetti squash last night. We froze it and it was much more liquidy after that. But the end result tasted the same. The squash was served with tomato sauce from our garden, spices, organic grilled chicken, and a bit of feta. I’m not a huge feta fan, which is odd for me since I love cheese. I figure that’s good since cheese isn’t allowed on the diet anyway. We’re trying to use up stuff we have in the house.


I had lunch at a co-worker’s house (we both live close to work) and it was chicken fajitas without the tortilla shells. still super tasty and delicious! I could eat that plate every day. MMmm


As we were driving to boot camp last night, we saw the NFL draft being projected on the mega-huge screens inside Lambeau Field. I’d imagine some people were enjoying a drink or two and watching on the big screen. 🙂 It’s hard to believe it’s NFL draft time already!

Another round of dress shopping is planned for after work today and then I am treating myself to a whopping 2 hr long massage to help work out all of these tight muscle aches and pains. I can’t wait!

Weather looks good for the weekend (it was 75 yesterday!!!). Should be 60’s and no rain; finally, finally! We’re going to get some planting done in the garden and start to work on another bed for fruit. EXCITED!!

Anyone have exciting weekend plans??


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  1. The NFL draft is just a tease – preseason is soooo far away!!

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