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I’ve Been Work’in on the Garden

All the live-long day!

Holy moly IT bands! I went to bootcamp last night and then decided to go for a short walk to loosen up afterwards. I felt great until about half-way out and then, whomp, pain. I spent the rest of the time hobbling back. Ben noticed I was taking longer than usual and came out in the car to pick me up, but I was at the bottom of the driveway at that point. Today I’m still pretty sore but hoping a few more doses of foam rolling will help!

Yesterday’s workout was a basic 6 station circuit. You did 40 seconds of “work” and then used 20 seconds to transition to the next station. They had us count off in groups of 6, so this was the first time I didn’t get to exercise alongside Ben.

  • Weighted crunches with press
  • Flutter kicks
  • 1 1/2 squats holding ball (go all the way down, come up 1/2 way, go back down, come all the way up)
  • Wall sits
  • Pushups with alternating knee to elbow
  • Planks

The flutter kicks were the hardest for me. Forty seconds of alternating leg raises as fast as you can (without touching the floor or bending your knees)… it was brutal. But, I survived to tell the tale! I’m slightly discouraged about the weight loss front so far. Generally I start a new regime and if I’m strict, I see great results the first few weeks. Last week I only lost a pound. Since all the dress fitting dates are quickly approaching, I am feeling a bit more antsy to see progress.

Ok – on to the FUN stuff – my garden!! Somehow it feels like this Spring is just dragging along in cold/rainville. I was concerned about planting because it felt like I was getting a late start, but I checked back on last year’s blog posts and we got the garden set up in late May, so now I feel a lot better about it.

This is a snapshot from the garden last year:


We had 4 beds and did zucchini / yellow squash in one, beans in another, tomatoes / broccoli in the 3rd, and peppers in the 4th. I also made a mini bed in the middle with cilantro, rosemary, and some random flowers.

I feel like we learned a lot last year and I’m excited and hopeful to do even more this year. We added on an additional “walking path” and 2 more beds. I want to be able to devote twice the space for peppers since we use so many and the organic ones are so expensive. I also am making another little end bed where I’ll plant something small.


Ben made me another door and we bought 8 bags of organic soil – but that wasn’t enough. I’m suspecting we’ll need about 5 more bags. Once we have the dirt all spread in, we’ll put the fencing up and be ready to plant! If the weather cooperates – I’m hoping to get some plants in the ground this weekend. How exciting would that be?


My tulips are a bit chewed on but I can see some flower shoots starting to appear. The flower bed in front of the house is in desperate need of a makeover but I haven’t quite figured out what to do yet. I do know it needs a nice mulch covering so it doesn’t look so terrible. So maybe I can add that to the list for this year.


I’ve gotta say, one of the best things about having a house is being able to tinker around with a garden and flower beds. I have a lot of ideas but nothing concrete. I was thinking about having a landscape company come over and give me some estimates and ideas. Any plant a rabbit doesn’t eat, I want!!

We don’t have bootcamp again until Thursday so I have a few days to foam roll and work on my IT band. I haven’t been successful using any of the stretches I find online, so I need to keep working at it until I find something that does the trick.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


3 Responses

  1. You have to remember that losing weight a pound at a time is better for your body than drastic weight loss! You got it, girl!

  2. I am impressed with your garden beds! I hope to have some blueberry bushes if we ever get moved into our new house.

    • when you grow some, let me know how that goes – I want tips. I had wanted to have some myself, but neighbors told me they need uber-acidic soil that kills everything else around… and I didn’t have a place to devote just to blueberries (yet) 🙂

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