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All Grown Up (?)

YES! Hurray! At long last. Finally we had the weekend we’ve been waiting for! The forecast was 58 both Saturday and Sunday and we actually saw the temps hit 60 yesterday. It still was a bit brisk in the shade but I will take it! The 40s and rain was getting old. 🙂

Since Ben had Friday off, I dashed home so we could go to lunch together and do some odds and ends. We tried another fun restaurant – this one with plenty of locally sourced ingredients!

We each got the lunch combo (half sandwich and cup of soup on gluten-free bread). I went with the “St Christopher” sandwich which had turkey, apples, spinach, and a honey mustard.


Ben also got the turkey wild rice soup but his half sandwich was the “Italian” and had chicken and pesto:


It was a pretty cute place – quiet with some fun decor:



We finished eating and realized we were both still pretty hungry. I guess we should have ordered the full sandwiches! I’m finding now that we’re doing bootcamp, I am hungry more often – and have to be careful since I’m also trying to watch calories. Juggling act for sure!

Speaking of bootcamp – Saturday’s was killer! This time we had two 16 minute “rounds”

Round 1:

  • 5 weighted sit-ups (holding a plate)
  • 10 reptile planks (plank position, alternate bringing each leg up to elbow)
  • 10 jumping lunges

“Rest” 6 rounds – run 30 seconds, recover 10 seconds

Round 2:

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 air squats (squat and then jump into air)

“Rest” 6 rounds – run 30 seconds, recover 10 seconds

Rules: Starting with Round 1, the goal is to get through all of the exercises in 1 minute. If you get done early, you get to rest, sip water, etc… if you don’t finish, you just stop wherever you are and start the round over at the next minute. You repeat the round 16 times. Round 1 wasn’t too bad and I usually had 5-10 precious seconds to recover and get a few sips of water in.

The next phase was the short running segment. Oh boy – still not a runner. Since it was only 30 seconds I probably went faster than I should have… and by the end of the 6 rounds I was sucking air and completely dead.

Round 2 then began – and because it had burpees, it was MUCH harder (plus we were all more tired). Around 8 cycles in, I couldn’t do the burpees anymore (even the modified ones) and used a box to help me. Something is better than nothing. After the 16 were complete, we went back outside for more running. Needless to say, when it was all over, I was ready for a cold shower and my bed. This girl was tired! 🙂

We got home, showered, and were right out the door again! Ben had a list of to-dos and I was heading on a “girl’s trip” to Door County to visit a few wineries. I wasn’t expecting to find much of anything (I don’t like wine) but I wanted to poke through the gift shops looking for a salt scrub that’s made in the area.


Door County is crazy about wine – especially cherry and apple because those grow in the area


Interestingly enough, I did find a few wines that were pretty good. I just looked for the sweetest wines and then went from there. Only a few were completely inedible and I felt pretty grown up and sophisticated tasting wine. Just don’t ask me to swirl the glass and pick out any aromas or anything. 😉

Our bounty after stop #1!!


We went to two places before stopping for a late lunch. The Door County marathon was the same day and I think most restaurants didn’t staff accordingly – because the service was painfully slow. I tried my best to stay on diet – getting a bunless burger and a side salad with cherry vinaigrette. I asked for no croutons but they were easy to toss to the side.


I struck out looking for my salt scrub – guess I’ll have to order online! But we did visit candle shops and coffee shops along the way. We also did some cheese sampling.


Our bounty at the end of the day:


A lot of wine!! I had less than everyone else and I bought 11 bottles. Crazy isn’t it? Here’s my haul:


2 concord grapes, 2 peach, razzle dazzle raspberry, red raspberry lyte (less alcohol content), blackberry blend lyte, honeycrisp apple (maybe my new fav), Carmen’s Last Dance (another grape one), sunset splash, whipped cream choco wine, and some cherry bitters for Ben.

I love Door County!


We totally lucked out with beautiful weather. The sun kept popping out and it was perfect for walking around.


We met back up with the men-folk for dinner and then we crawled into bed around 10pm. I was EXHAUSTED. We woke up Sunday morning totally planning to make a quick breakfast and quick hit the road for my graduation – but I decided at the last minute not to go. I’m kicking myself a teensy bit in retrospect, but the weather looked fantastic and I didn’t want to spend another day stuck in the car.

So I hung my graduation clothes back in the closet, pulled on ratty jeans and a sweatshirt, and we thatched the lawn, made three trips to drop off grass and dirt at the compost pile, and starting setting up the new section of my garden. I’m hoping to plant next weekend.

All in all, it was a crazy, wonderful weekend. We got a lot done and did a lot. Since graduation is over, I’m not “officially” a graduate student – even if I didn’t don the cap and gown. Now I’m looking ahead to another crazy week. We have something going on every single night. Whew! Between work and my evening schedule, May is shaping up to be absolutely crazy!!


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE door county too!
    Stone’s throw is my favorite winery as evidenced by the collection of glasses I have in my house. I recognize all of your photos and am SUPER jealous!!!

  2. I am not a wine drinker – I am a beer girl, and even then not much LOL! We never made it to door county when we lived in IL. We just popped up to WI a few times.

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