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Wanted: Delicious Salad

Yea Friday!

It’s Friday! What a week! My workload hit crazy heights and I have a feeling these next couple of weeks are going to border on the ridiculous. My little pocket calendar is a mess – I would never have guessed I’d have so much going on in a month.

So now we’re into May (did April FLY by for anyone else?). My goals are to keep up and finish the 28 day bootcamp. It’s ambitious, but I’d love to be down 10 pounds by the end of it. If nothing else, a few inches in the waistline! The plan is to keep up with the 90% Paleo diet as well. It’s amazing how much better this is when I can eat fruit. 🙂

I have the wedding invitations ordered and am working on finalizing the guest list. By this time next month I should have everything addressed and ready to be shipped out. We also need to nail down our wedding officiate. Hard to believe every person we’ve asked has been busy that weekend. Hoping the guy we meet with next week will work out.

The biggest challenge of any diet is how you manage it when eating out. We tried out a new restaurant last night with another couple and it was a small menu with not a lot that looked Paleo-approved. Everyone at the table got a different dish:

Surf and Turf:


Bo Luc Lac (I’m not joking!):


Jalapeno Chicken (Ben’s entrée):


Pacific Rim Salad (my entrée):


What a HUGE disappointment! First off, there wasn’t anywhere near enough meat on this to be considered a dinner entrée. The orange ginger dressing was extremely bitter and not well tossed – so one bite would be horrendously sour and the next way too sweet – I tried mixing it up but the overall bitterness just clouded everything. I ended up picking out the few bits of meat and leaving the rest. What was amusing is that they tell you right on the menu that salad on the side isn’t an option: “Please know we toss all of our salads lightly and evenly to give you the best possible consistency with every bite.” False advertising! 🙂


I was also really unimpressed with the service. After we got our drinks it took over 35 minutes for the waiter to come back and take our order. Then the wait for dinner began… Oddly, it wasn’t even that busy so I have no idea what it would be like if it were crowded! Everyone else loved their food but I don’t think I’d pick to go there ever again.

And now I’m officially sick of nasty, untasty salads. Arguably it’s the best way to get in a large helping of veggies though, so I keep trying them.

I hope this morning flies by at work. Ben has the day off so I’m excited to get home so we can get going on a few errands. We’ll be gone most of the weekend so today is our only day to get weekend stuff accomplished. The rain keeps coming and coming – but my fingers are crossed we can find a short gap in the clouds and get outside for a much-needed walk!


2 Responses

  1. I’m curious… What restaurant was it?

    That salad would have disappointed me, too!

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