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The Wonderful World of Burpees

Ahhh – now that our Wednesday night bootcamp punishment is over, I have TWO full days to rest and recover before our next scheduled class on Saturday. It’s good too – my body needs a bit of TLC. 🙂

Last night was team competition – where our class goes up against the previous day’s classes. We were victorious last week but fell short this week. I think it was the burpees that got everyone.

The workout (15 reps of each exercise, in order):

  • jumping jacks
  • deep squats
  • push-ups
  • sit-ups

The catch: the workout was for 25 minutes and each time the countdown hit a full minute, everyone had to stop wherever they were and do 3 burpees before resuming. The goal was to get through as many rounds as you could in the 25 minutes – stopping 25 times (are you kidding!) to complete your burpees.

It was a lot of up and down and up and down. I can’t do full situps, so I do crunches as far as I can go. I also can’t do full burpees, so I modify those as well. When everything was done, I got through 8 full rounds (that’s 120 pushups – PLUS the 20 they have you do in warm-up!). Oh yeah, I do pushups on my knees as well. 🙂

We just completed our 6th class – which means we’re half way through the 28 day challenge! They have a 3-month spring challenge starting May 31st and we’re still deciding 1) if we want to spend the $$ to keep this up (it’s pricey) and 2) if our bodies can handle the beating.

I found an introductory price offer for a local massage place – TWO hours for $80. Sounded too good to pass up so I booked appointments for both Ben and me in the upcoming weeks. With all our sore muscles, I think that will really help!

I’ve decided I don’t really like burpees. Or lunges – they irritate my quads (which I’m still foam rolling and trying to fix). A lot of people don’t do the “full” burpee process, complete with pushups and the jump up and overhead clap. For anyone curious, here’s the “proper” full burpee process (according to where we work out):


(image: allhonesty.com)

In a 180 degree turn, what if I eschewed tradition and instead of serving wedding cake, just put one of these suckers on every table. It would be dessert and centerpiece in one!

autumn-reeses cake

If this was a less formal or outdoor wedding, I’d be all over this. I want to eat it right now. In fact, I want to eat anything with chocolate right now!!

Right now a small group of my friends are planning an afternoon trip to Door County this weekend. On the agenda: wine tasting! I’m not much of a wine drinker (read: don’t drink wine) but I’ve found 2 kinds recently that are quite good. Wine is NOT on the Paleo diet, so this will be some very light wine tasting – plus, I only want to taste the super sweet stuff anyway. I also have graduation on Sunday. It seems weird because it feels like classes ended ages and ages ago and I’m over all that school stuff. But hey, the last step of any accomplishment is to celebrate right?

Deep breath – and I’m off to work!


6 Responses

  1. Keep up your inspiring work!

  2. The brown and warm colors would be perfect for a fall wedding!! HAHA That looks insanely delicious!

  3. Those workouts really are something else. Very intense.

    I don’t do the full pushup part of the burpee. I just kick back into pushup position and jump back out to squat. It’s bad enough with all the other stuff LOL!

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