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Smile – Just Because


Did you know my favorite animal of all time is the koala? Well, it is! I was obsessed as a little kid and had dreams of going to Australia and having my very own pet koala – nevermind the expense keeping them supplied with eucalyptus (it doesn’t exactly grow plentifully in WI!). Anyway, this just made me smile. 🙂 He’s from the Wildlife Sydney Zoo.

It’s good for mental health to start each day with a big, wide smile. We’re in the midst of a very long stretch of gloomy, overcast skies and rain – which means we went from people complaining non-stop about the winter to people complaining non-stop about the rain. Yeah, it’s COLD out still and that wind is nasty – but at least we aren’t facing snow anymore. Rah-rah.

I’ve had my share of stress and worry the past few months and none of it does any good. Instead, I’m trying to focus on positive things and move forward from there. Often we get so caught up in the bad we don’t even see the good!

For instance, I’m so freaked out about my darn wedding dress not fitting I can barely think straight. But I’m eating well and I’m sticking with boot camp. So that’s all I can do for right now and each time I check a day of success off the calendar, that’s something to be proud of – even if the scale results aren’t as fab as I would wish.

I’m feeling pretty good about bootcamp too. It’s challenging and I’ve never been so sore in my life! Now we’ve been through 5 workouts. I can’t say for sure I’m any stronger (because we don’t ever do the same thing for comparison) but I’m keeping up and doing what I can. That feels good.

Last night’s workout consisted of 8 exercise stations. You would do your exercise for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds, and repeat that 5 times – for a total working time of 2:30 each station.

  • Wall Balls
  • Ring pull-ups (we didn’t lean back as far as the below picture – think more of a 45 degree angle)

ring pullups

Ring pull-ups: (bodytribe.com)

  • Pushups
  • Squats (holding kettle bell and pressing overhead at top)
  • Planks
  • Kettle bell hip drives

Kettle bell hip drive: (danielpguzman.blogspot.com)

  • Medicine ball slam (hold 15lb ball overhead, slam to the ground as hard as you can so it has enough “oomph” to bounce high enough for you to catch it
  • Wall sits

It was pretty brutal to go from wall balls to the ring pull ups to the push-ups. I was pretty dead at that point. Wall balls take a lot of energy so I tend to get tired and throw more with my arms than use my legs, so it kills my arms by the end. Something to work on!

Oddly enough, I’m not that sore this morning. I foam rolled again last night and as painful as it is, it seems to be helping. Hopefully I won’t wake up majorly sore tomorrow on our next workout day – that DOMS can be brutal. But ya know what they say – no pain no gain. 🙂

Looking for a colorful breakfast idea? I’ve seen this circle the web a ton and it always looks easy, cute, and colorful:

Yum! What's your favorite breakfast food? (via Homesteading / Survivalism)

I think it’s a treadmill day for me tonight. I borrowed “Tangled” from my brother Matt and that should be fun to watch while I walk.

Happy Tuesday – get out there and SMILE!


4 Responses

  1. I’m sending as smile your way Ali!

  2. I bet you aren’t so sore because you have been doing the boot camp now for over a week, right?

    Don’t stress about the dress. You can only do the best you can.

    • Well I couldn’t walk the day after our first class, so that’s progress! I’m still definitely sore but I think it’s the muscles that were tight previously and now are being overworked that are the issues. Foam rolling every day now!

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