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(Foam) Roll’in, Roll’in

Heeeereeeeee we are again – happy Monday!

The forecast reminds me of Seattle – overcast and rainy. We’re also still in the 40s for the high temps. When is this girl going to get some decent weather to start working on her garden!?

We hit Saturday morning bootcamp – bright and early. It was a smaller group (probably because we hit the earliest class – 8am). The room is always freezing when I get there but I’m sweating within 5 minutes of starting. Saturday’s class I’ve named “The Grocery List”. It was a long list of activities and as soon as you were done, you got to leave. Some people blew through all the exercises and then added on additional stuff. I have been dying through lunges – the ridge of muscles right over my knee have been killing me – so I had to take things slower and remind myself not to go too fast.


  • Total Body Squats [TBS] Perform a squat, but rise up like you’re going to jump in the air, only feet never leave ground (50)
  • Prisoner Lunges (hands behind head) 25/side
  • Regular squats (50)
  • Reptile planks – on forearms, bring leg up to elbow (25/side)
  • TBS (50)
  • Side to side jumps – feet together, jump back & forth (100)
  • Push-up planks – on forearms, alternating pushing up onto hands (20/side)
  • TBS (50)
  • Mountain climbers (50)
  • Staggered pushups – Put one hand further out, push up, put arm back and put other arm out, push up(20/side)
  • TBS (50)
  • Standing leg raises – Put hands out in front, bring leg straight up and try to touch hands (25/side)
  • Burpees (30)

All the plank work was rough but I think the prisoner lunges combined with all those squats is what did me in. After class I spoke with the trainer to get some stretching ideas. Looks like it’s my IT bands (bummer) and my rectus femoris muscles:

He recommended a few stretches and foam rolling. Can I just say foam rolling across the front of my leg might be one of the most painful things I’ve ever done? But – I guess it’s needed then, right?

We got home, showered, and I hit the road for a drive to Wausau to visit my buddy Jeff. We met up at the coolest restaurant – the whole place was decorated to look like you were in a mining cave:



There was a super cool dripping water pool but a bunch of people were sitting by it so I opted not to take a picture. Now that Ben and I are doing a (mostly) Paleo diet, it’s getting harder and harder to find food we can eat. I’ve been turning to a lot of salads – minus the cheese, croutons, and accompanying bread. This was their grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar dressing:


It wasn’t that interesting. I think I got through 1/2 of it. We then went for a long walk through the mall. It’s hard to be sitting for a long time after a workout. I’ve found I recover better if I keep light movement afterwards. It keeps the blood moving.

I was starving by the time I got home and I walked in the house to the smell of… pizza!? PIZZA? A very smiley and excited Ben appeared at the door because he was experimenting with a paleo pizza for dinner that he’d been working on all afternoon. Honestly, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Pizza success!


He made the crust out of almond flour and then made a marinara sauce and topped with ground chicken, onion, and green pepper. Honestly, it was pretty darn impressive. I couldn’t believe he tried something so ambitious! The crust is more delicate than regular crust, which you’d expect, but it had good flavor.


Now that we’re already 1/4 done with our 28 day bootcamp, I logged my first weigh-in: 4.2 pounds down. What’s funny is that I had been down almost 6 pounds Friday morning… I’m trying to key in to what causes my weekend weight gains. We’re actually thinking it could be the almond flour. It’s very calorie-dense and we had it two days in a row. So that’s probably going to be moved to our “occasional” food list. It’s all about learning what works, right??

We have bootcamp tonight and my thighs are still quite sore. Hopefully I can limit the lunges and get in a few more foam rolling treatments. As painful as they are, they do seem to help. Wish me luck tonight, I’m ready to crank into week 2!


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  1. That is some workout! Great job at plowing through it. No surprise that your legs are that sore.

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