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Family Time

Thanks for all the wise words and encouragement from yesterday’s post. It’s been rough going the past few weeks, especially now knowing that my dress doesn’t fit. It’s a lot of money to throw away but more than that, it just represents another failed attempt to lose weight and manage to keep it off. :/

But you just get back on the horse right?

I was running behind the other day and couldn’t get my Easter pictures uploaded for yesterday’s post, but I had some fun ones I wanted to share. I think I’m getting older because two large meals with two families – it’s an awful lot! 🙂

After  church, Ben and I checked the radar and went for a quick walk to stretch out our muscles. We started a 28 day bootcamp and you’ll be hearing a LOT about it over this next month. But all you need to know right now is we’re sore and I’m dying. (Haha) We lucked out and missed the rain, but it began picking up as we drove over to see Ben’s side of the family. (I tend to say “Ben’s family” but they’ll be mine soon too!). Ben’s mom made pineapple ham, biscuits, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, sugar-free jello, corn, and apple pie.


Ben and his mom. Aren’t they so cute?! 🙂



We spent all afternoon catching up with them and had to high-tail it outta there so we could be over to see “my” family. It’s hilarious because it’s almost the same food – but my mom makes everything organic, gluten-free, etc, etc… I’ll admit though, some of the more interesting new things fall a bit flat in the learning process, but we have a riot laughing about them afterwards. It’s just a lot harder – both expensive and time-consuming – to make inventive and healthy recipes the whole family will eat.


We had local, organic ham, broccoli, sweet potato souffle (amazing), cheezy potatoes, deviled eggs, and lacto-fermented dill carrots.


My plate:


There was an orange cranberry chutney mom made for the ham which was wonderful. She also makes her deviled eggs without mayo. They are spicy and I love them. The carrots? Wow – hahaha. Mom is experimenting in lacto-fermentation and despite being loaded with probiotics, the carrots were something everyone had to choke down. To me they tasted like vinegar even though there was none used.

Oh and dessert – carrot cake (gluten-free with mom’s homemade cream cheese). Sooo delicious with nice chunks of pineapple. I was in heaven!


I think all the stuff my mom’s been experimenting with is super interesting and I’ll get some more info from her and do a post about making cream cheese, yogurt, and her work with lacto-fermentation. They are also now soaking all their nuts and grains as well. It’s wild!

Tonight is an off-night from the gym, so I’m expecting we’ll veg around and do some housework. I’m anxious for the ground to get a bit drier so we can start work on the garden. Impatient Ali!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Just read your posts! I totally slipped up this past weekend. Just keep trucking, girl. Take the set back as encouragement and just do the best you can!

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