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A Little Break

Good morning and happy Monday to you all!

I sincerely hope that Green Bay is the only place being hit with wind / SNOW / and sleet this morning. It looks like Winter all over again – and I am guessing you are all horribly jealous, aren’t you!?

We took Thurs/Fri off of work and spent a few days in Madison. We didn’t have any grand plans but thought a few days of roaming about and not being at home or at work would be good for us. It was! We started things out by driving to Appleton so I could get fitted for new running shoes. I really loved the people who worked/owned the store years ago and wanted to go back and support them… but it looks like it’s now a chain. In hindsight, I think we’d have gotten a better selection in Madison, but the shoes I picked up look OK. We’ll see.

For lunch we stopped at the Atlanta Bread Company. ABC was one of my favorite places for lunch in Green Bay until they closed a few years ago. Ben isn’t as big a fan but indulged me. 🙂

Ben got the half chicken salad sandwich and potato soup:


My meal was the balsamic salad (with apples, blue cheese, walnuts: yum yum) and the frontier chicken chili:


We split a delicious, buttery macadamia nut cookie for dessert. We drove to Oshkosh and stopped at the Outlet Mall. I really failed on the picture front – I think I was just being low-key. Anyways, we got some candle holders and fun lilac Spring-scented candles (you know, to go with this beautiful weather we’re having 😉 ) and I picked up a spring purse and matching wallet.

The breaks on the way down were really nice because although it took all day, it felt like we weren’t just stuck in the car. After we got checked into the hotel, we still had some time to kill. The weather was beautiful: 60 degrees!!! So we left our jackets in the car and did some more exploring. We ended up at World Market and I bought another set of candle sticks. I’ve been hunting for brown wooden ones forever. I’ll post a picture soon for you to see. I’ve never been to World Market so it was interesting to walk around and see what they had. Anyone need a terracotta pig grill?


We left and still needed to kill more time before our dinner reservation, so we drove down the road and roamed about their Costco. It was a big disappointment – no food samples! I hope that our Costco doesn’t end up like that. The samples are my favorite part!

We were starving and it was still 30 minutes before our reservation, but we decided to go anyway and see if we could get a table. Hurray! We were seated right away.


Ben absolutely adores Ruth’s Chris steakhouse and we always end up there during our Madison trips. We always get the same thing too: the tenderloin steak and house salad. Ben picks random potatoes but I am in love with their sweet potato casserole. It’s too delicious. I’ve often considered just buying two portions and eating nothing but that for dinner!!

We were absolutely stuffed after dinner and headed back to the hotel happy and tired. I wore my pedometer all weekend and was surprised that it felt like we were always moving around and yet I only clocked 5,000 steps. I think since we both have desk jobs we just weren’t used to standing and shopping that much – as weird as that is to say.

Our hotel room had a big whirlpool in it so we cashed in a few complimentary drink tickets and sipped them while watching the Brewer baseball game. The jets felt so nice on my feet!! I want one at home. 🙂

So that was our first day in Madison. The snow is still coming down so I’m going to wrap this up and head to work. Hopefully it’ll all be melted by the time I have to leave work this evening. A girl can dream, right?


6 Responses

  1. I think your snow is coming our way. Should hit Wednesday. It’s hard to believe since it was 80 deg. yesterday.
    We have reservations for Ruth Chris in Boson on Sunday night. Hope they serve fish 🙂

  2. Ewwwww snow?! It’s gorgeous here…I’ll try and send the nice weather your way!! I’ve never been to Ruth’s Chris but I am not a huge meat fan so I’m not sure whether I’d want to or not!

  3. Sounds heavenly! I love World Market, too. We lived near one in IL and I shopped there a lot.

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