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Happy Saturday! Oh wait, it isn’t Friday for you too? Sorry 😉

I’m more than a little bit excited for our mini vacation. Even better? We have some friends staying at the house while we’re gone. They get a little vacation away from their house and we get someone to make sure everything is OK while we’re gone. Win/Win

I got to sleep in until 7am so already this is off to a good start. We’re planning to hit a fancy shoe store on the way down. It’s been 8 years since I got properly outfitted in running shoes and I’m looking for a new pair. Yay! I think we’re also going to browse around the outlet malls and then we have reservations at our favorite steak place tonight.

As for tomorrow? Nothing set in stone yet – totally depends on the weather. I should plug in my pedometer and see how many steps I rack up over this weekend. I’m hoping it’s a bunch. We’re going to Trader Joes too – and I’m giddy to find some new and interesting things to try. Any favorite things anyone?

We’re done with our 10 day cleanse – just in time. Not sure how much I noticed from it, except for a lot of nasty break outs on my face. Still, sometimes the inner stuff you don’t as readily notice. I would never say it was a waste though. I’m sure it did something.

One more pretty glance at my roses. I hope they are still alive when we get back!



Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all on Monday!


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  1. Jealous that you have a mini-vacay!!!! Enjoy 🙂

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