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Loving the Oatmeal

My mornings are now consisting of a medium coffee and a cup of oatmeal from work’s cafeteria. In the past I’ve tried overnight oats, but I just don’t like them cold, and I’ve given up trying to make oats over the stovetop and get ’em packed before heading to work. There’s just not enough time. So I’ve taken to picking up some piping hot oats ready-made. Usually they serve them plain and you can add a variety of toppings, like craisins, grape nuts (whyyyyy?), cinnamon, brown sugar, and granola.

A few times now they’ve served a specialty flavor – and they’ve all been delicious. The first was a cinnamon pecan – and the toasted pecans were absolutely incredible. (Need to make at home!!) Yesterday it was apple cinnamon walnut. Delicious too!!


When I got home from work, I changed into my exercise clothes so we could head to Body Pump. But when Ben got home he was itching to try biking now that he’s tightened and tuned up a few things. So we went around the neighborhood. Wow, my legs were burning! I’m out of shape, true, but my new bike is much more upright and so I don’t have the leverage I used to have when pedaling. In short, I have to work harder. Oh well – if it saves my hands from going numb. I need to charge up my Garmin so I can start counting the mileage. 🙂 exciting!!

We tried a new skillet lasagna boxed meal as well. Boy we’re branching out! Ben found some organic grass fed beef (hard to find around here) and we mixed up a box of goodness. It had different spices than we are used to and I’m not sure it was really our favorite. Probably would not buy again.


Last week was Asbestos Awareness Week and Heather, one of my blog readers, asked me to share her website with you. Heather is one of the few mesothelioma survivors and her story is both incredible and inspirational. For those looking for more info on mesothelioma, you can head to her blog at www.mesothelioma.com/heather/awareness

We’re going to be packing tonight and tomorrow we’re off for a tiny vacation. Hurray and hurrah! Super excited for a change of scenery – and the weather looks great too!!! 🙂


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  1. You should try overnight crockpot steel cut oats. They will be ready in the morning and then you can have breakfast to reheat for several days. I love doing that 😀

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