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Out and Biking, Finally

Warm weather, warm weather… la dee dee. Warm weather, warm weather, come to me!!

Yesterday was beautiful. I think it was a bit over 60 actually. I’m giddy with excitement. Only the largest of snow banks still remain and some small areas are sporting a bit of a green tint. It’s wonderful.

Ben pumped the tires up on my bike and we both did a quick stint around the neighborhood. It’s fun having a biking buddy. I’m so used to having to bike alone. I definitely need to tweak a few things on my bike. For whatever reason my rear light has an extra flap that smacks my leg when I pedal. That’s got to go! I also want to get a smaller pouch (just big enough to hold keys and a camera). The one I have now is too big and also smacks my leg when I pedal.

Last year I set modest mileage goals both for summer biking and for walking – and I didn’t hit either goal. Despite that, I still feel like I want to try and set goals for this year. It gives me something to shoot for and helps get me out and moving.

We found a recipe for something called fiesta lime rice that sounded pretty good. We didn’t have whole tomatoes and substituted tomato sauce… which I think was a mistake. But it’s always a fun adventure trying new recipes right?


It was pretty easy – we cooked down the onion in some grapeseed oil with salt and garlic. Meanwhile we were cooking brown rice (over the stovetop – we’ve given up on our rice cooker!). Then it all gets tossed together with a few liberal squeezes of fresh lime juice and some chopped cilantro… and you’re done.

We did add a bit of chicken but this could have been removed. It was supposed to be a white rice with chunks of fresh tomato and I think all the tomato sauce was overpowering. I loved the lime tang though.


Ben also came home from work with a surprise for me!!


I have fresh, beautiful flowers. Usually he doesn’t get me roses since they die so fast but since we’re heading out of town soon, it didn’t matter this time. They smell amazing and the color is beautiful!

I’m so eager to get out of dodge and have a few days away from work and home. It’s sad but I’m so desperate for a change of scenery. Maybe I am still feeling bad that we couldn’t get a vacation in this Winter because of my class schedule. Whatever the case, I’m hoping for some good weather and that we’ll be able to get in a lot of walking and sight-seeing (whatever the sights may be).

I hope your week is going great!!! 🙂



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  1. Where is your vacation going to be to?

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