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How Much Can You Do in a Day?

HAPPY Monday everyone!

We finally hit the jackpot with weather over the weekend. It’s hilarious (but great) that we ended on a high note, because Friday looked like this:


More snow! I am super-duper hoping and praying that’s the last we see until at least late November.

Since we started the 10 day cleanse, we’ve been trying to eat better and incorporate less meat and dairy and more fruit and veggies. When we are looking for a big dose of vegetables, I turn to my favorite honey stir-fry. This time we boiled 2 chicken breasts and then shredded the meat. Normally we’d each have one breast for a meal, but those two stretched for 3 meals. I was seriously impressed. I didn’t have cashews so we tried roasting some pecans and they were an amazing addition! I think I could eat this every day.


I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to keep tweaking meals in the hopes on finding a good balance that will help with weight loss. The scale hasn’t been budging. In fact, it’s been downright evil! But I’m trying to drink less coffee and more water. I also was thinking of trying to get tea back into my routine. I definitely prefer coffee but I know how great tea is for you. I picked up a few intriguing flavors and will see if I can ease a cup in each day:


slimming, healthy skin, and detoxification? I’m not sure how well they really help with all those things, but why not? 🙂 I’ve tried sillier things before!

We ran a zillion errands on Saturday and spent some time with the wedding registry gun. It’s a weird mix – trying to upgrade the falling apart (but still working) things you have but also trying to be super practical. What’s funny is the “helper” they have follow you around the store pointing out all the things you apparently desperately need. Honestly, how will I ever function if I don’t have the $599 cookware set and the expensive Dyson vacuum? LOL But our vacuum works great and I am finally to the point where I’m ready to get rid of non-stick and move to healthier stainless cooking – and I really didn’t feel like explaining all that to the bubbling sales lady. 🙂

Sunday was the warmest day yet – 60 degrees! It started out pretty windy and felt cold but it kept getting warmer and warmer as the day went by. My entire day (or so it felt) was spent doing laundry. I got every sheet, blanket, towel and comforter washed. Normally Ben does his own laundry but I took care of his too – so everything got hung and lined dry. We opened all the windows and I mopped, dusted, and vacuumed. Meanwhile Ben was putting together our push mower, our new fire pit, and his new bicycle.


He still has the wheelbarrow to assemble yet. What a lot of Spring things to do! My tulips have just started peeking out and I’m surveying all of the winter rabbit damage to my shrubs. They look pretty gnarly and decimated. Two of my rose bushes are almost gone. –sigh– I love outdoor house projects. Maybe it’s just the thrill of being outside after a long Winter or the fact that every project has some visible and immediate result. It’s great!

I called Ben in for a quick lunch. Look at us – salad! Honestly, I don’t like salad. I think I need to find some decent salad dressing to make or something. Just not a fan. But we made this with baby arugula, snap peas, carrots, green onion, peppers, carrots, and feta. This was my first time buying feta. I’m not sure why but it always freaked me out a little bit. I’m still getting used to it. 🙂 Our usual 2 chicken bratwurst portion was reduced to one each and we had some green grapes as well. It looks like a summer lunch I think.


I’m excited because we have a short work week. Ben and I are taking Thurs/Fri off and spending a few days in Madison exploring around. I want to stop at Trader Joes (my once-a-year trip!) and really, we’re just trying to get away and hopefully de-stress a bit. I can’t believe what a tense mess I’ve been and I’m worried the weight loss thing before the wedding might be an issue too. So anything I can do to mellow a bit will help, so I can’t wait for a weekend of exploring away from home!

Bring on the great weather and let’s hope Thursday gets here quickly!!!


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  1. Hi there! My name is Heather and I have a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

  2. Way to go on all those veggies!

  3. Your meals look great!!! I loveeee green grapes!

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