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Happy Hump Day! Did you know today is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day? I want to know who comes up with these things. (But I do love some PB&J)

The recent birthday boy (Matt) shared this picture he took with me and I had to post it. How amazing is this shot!?

So we’ve gotten through Day 1 of our 10 day cleanse. Just to clarify, we aren’t doing the type of cleanse that, umm, moves things out in rapid fashion (if you get the drift). We’re doing a gentle cleanse that is more about pulling toxins from the body. I am not noticing anything at this point and am not expecting anything for a few more days. We’re eliminating alcohol and reducing our intake of wheat, dairy, and simple carbohydrates.

Yesterday we uncovered a package of organic bratwurst that had been hidden away in the far reaches of the freezer. We boiled them in onions and beer and then grilled. Our veggie was a broccoli/cauliflower combo. Startling fact of the month: Ben admitted to me that he thinks he likes cauliflower. I can’t believe it!


We have also been analyzing our plank form and realized we aren’t sinking our butts low enough. Consequently, the form correction has brought us from our impressive 120 hold to a painful and wobbly 60 seconds. We still have the calendar on the fridge and we’ll just cross off each step once we hit it. That means we’ll keep up with 60 seconds for a while and then see if we can push to 75 and do that until we feel like we can handle more, etc, etc… Does it have to be 5 minutes within 30 days? Absolutely not! The key to anything is to just keep working on it.

Aside from the internal cleansing we’re doing, I’m also itching for some external cleansing as well. I sold back my textbooks and have them mailed out. My final grades for school are in. The house needs a good Spring cleaning and I’m ready to get a list of house projects we want to tackle this year.

The forecast looks a bit shady and I’m hopeful the huge end-of-week snowstorm will pass a bit North of us. I don’t think I could handle more snow!!

Off and running to work. Have a fabulous day


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, the plank is easy to pop the butt up. I figure if I am not agonizing over how slow the time is going, then I need to make sure I am in a straight line LOL!

    I love that bird shot.

  2. Awe man… I had a PB&J today, but not yesterday!!

  3. Ted and I did a cleansing once. It was torturous! We ordered the food package from a company. We didn’t like ANYTHING that was in it but suffered through anyway. By the end of 5 days, we had no energy and couldn’t move off the couch. It was interesting to try but we won’t do it again. Good luck with your cleansing.

    • That sounds miserable!! I’e heard of juice cleanses and various extreme regimes… I’m scared to try them 🙂 This is just a few pills at night, some fiber, and some probiotics. They provide a list fo suggested foods to eat and avoid – but it’s basically “healthy eating” – drink more water, eat veggies and avoid alcohol, sugars, and processed foods.

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