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Are you playing a joke?

Ahh here we are, April Fool’s Day. I know many readers will develop elaborate hoaxes to confuse their readers but I would never do that to you (Ok I would totally do something like that, but my creative brain cells aren’t firing this morning).

Yesterday was wiiiiiiiiiiiiindy but in the 50s so we cracked open the windows a bit more and flushed more fresh air into the house. Boy can you tell the difference. Everything smells crisp and clean. It’s shocking how you don’t notice the stale air as the winter months go by. I heard there was a blizzard warning in northern MN last night? I also heard we’re in for a lot of snow on Friday. It’s April, maybe that’s the joke on us all…

Today we’re starting the 10 day whole body cleanse and I’ll be following that up with a stress cleanse. When we did our weekly grocery shopping over the weekend, we even selected interesting items like “baby kale” and “organic green lentils” – not exactly creepy and foreign like Spirulina or anything, but generally food you just don’t see in our house.

I think Ben senses that his days of finding random goodies in the house are over. He ran some errands for me last night and came home with raspberry white chocolate scones. Really Ben? Ok it was delicious though but I laugh because he’s been buying more goodies lately than me, and that’s saying something.


My evening snacks have typically been a handful of nuts and some sweethearts. I packed the bag away this morning. Out of sight, out of mind.


We finished up the last chicken tortilla soup. Now that I’m not dealing with classes twice a week, the idea is that we’ll have more time for creative and healthy dinners.


Is it hard to believe we’re in April now? It is for me – but only because the weather still seems like March (especially if we get the forecasted snow on Friday). I had made a goal on March to lose a few pounds but I didn’t really even half-heartedly but effort into it. Now for April – August that’s really the one and only goal. I am hoping by the time we’re done with this cleanse I’ll a) have more energy and feel better and b) the holes from my mole removals will be healed enough to get cranking on the exercise.

I feel pretty good about things right now. April is really a terrific month. There’s a sense of so much time until Winter and you can see a blank canvas for Spring/Summer/Fall just itching to be painted. Our minds are swimming with all the projects we want to do, but we have to be realistic as well. I think as the wedding gets closer I will need to put more time and energy into that. I definitely don’t want to bite off more than I can chew!!


2 Responses

  1. Crazy that it’s April!! I am trying to save some money with groceries so we have been only spending money on exactly what we need. It’s definitely helped to cut out junk! Good luck on the cleanse!

  2. It just doesn’t feel like April with the cold temps and snow covered ground. At least the ground is starting to show and with temps in the upper 40s and low 50s, it should be better soon.

    That scone looks yummy!

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