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Say hello to fresh sheets!

Ahhh what a weekend! It was jam-packed and totally wonderful. I got home from work on Thursday and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip covered brownies for my final class.


After all, who can resist chocolate?


I got through the group final and was officially done at 8:13pm! I’m DONE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It hasn’t quite sunk in yet though but I’m getting there.

Friday started out with me high-tailing it to work and Ben staying home. We were expecting our new treadmill to arrive in the early afternoon and so Ben decided to take some vacation so he could supervise the set-up. I went to work as usual and when I got home we packed up and decided to go our for lunch and thenย make a quick trip to Costco.

We went back to a restaurant we haven’t been to in ages: The Grapevine. It’s cute and they have tiny rooms where people sit and eat rather than a big open space with lots of tables. Ben ordered a hot turkey/bacon sandwich with a spicy horseradish mustard


He loved it. I went for something a bit different (to me) and got the chicken and roasted red pepper quiche with a cranberry orange muffin:


I took a huge bite of the quiche and it was absolutely LOADED with mushrooms!! Eeeep eeek!! I guess they were swapping out quiche and I got the morning flavor – mushroom overload. Whoa baby. I got a correct piece and the rest of the meal was wonderful.

We spent the afternoon sitting around waiting on the delivery guys. At 5pm we called in only to learn they were running “a bit behind schedule” and that they’d call us when they were closer to our house…

They finally showed up at 8:15pm (!!!) and still had to put the treadmill together! Needless to say, it was a long night. But we have it now and as soon as my mole wounds have healed a bit more, I’m going to be enjoying it.

Saturday we spent running errands. Ben and I are starting a 10-day cleanse tomorrow and we stocked up on fruit, leafy greens (so unusual for our fridge), and a variety of tea. I’ll admit, when we rolled that cart stacked with nothing but healthy and organic foods, I felt pretty darn proud of us. You then look around at the other carts loaded with orange soda, bags and bags of chips, cookies, and frozen meals… and you feel good. $100 and we are set for some healthy eats!

That night Ben took me out to celebrate being done with school. We went to a Green Bay supper club and it was so nice to look out at the view. I’m already loving how much lighter it is during dinner time. Makes for better pictures too! I made a soup/salad bar run with a salad and some cheezy potato soup:


My entree was a super juicy tenderloin:


And whipped sweet potatoes!


I wanted a celebratory drink and browsed their “sweet” offerings and settled on a drink that had cream, cinnamon something, and birthday cake booze in it. The waitress said it was sweet – so I gave it a try:


Bleh! Not good. It looks grey because of the blue glass but it was a white drink. Way, way too strong. I had her bring me more milk to water (milk?) it down a bit and the whipped cream was that congealed cool whip type stuff that never loses shape. I avoided that. lol Boy I am a failure when it comes to ordering drinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday and Ben and I raced around the house getting little projects done. The weather was supposed to be over 50 (HURRAY) so I whipped the sheets off the bed, got them washed, and did this:


I love how it’s over 50 and still there’s so much snow!! Freshly-hung sheets are one of my top 3 smells of all time. It’s just wonderful. We left the sheets to dry and swung over to pick up the boys and take them to lunch.

My crew:


I ordered a small pepperoni and green pepper pizza and the boys picked various types of burgers.



And then we left to walk out into the bright lights. Those bars are dark! A lot of closed eyes and squinting so we couldn’t get a good picture. I’m still laughing that Alex is already breaking out the shorts.


Once we were back at Mom & Dad’s then it was time for birthday cake. Mom has been spending the past several days working on making her own lacto-fermented cream cheese. We had an amazing chocolate cake with her homemade peanut butter cream cheese frosting. It was unreal, 100% organic, and one of the coolest things I’ve ever tasted.


Along with a scoop of ice cream!!



We watched Matt open his gifts and he was thrilled to get a new camera. I have a feeling a lot more wildlife pictures will be sent my way soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


After we left, we went home to wash and prepare a fruit salad. We were racing around so I didn’t get a picture but it was red and green grapes and strawberries. Our friends were hosting a “Walking Dead Finale” party at their house. They are pretty crazy into the TV show and invited a few couples over to watch the finale together.

We arrived to this. If you watch the show then you’ll appreciate how awesome this it:


As usual, there was a ridiculous spread of food. We feasted on homemade guacamole, onion rings, fruit, veggies, “cut glass” red cupcakes, crockpot bbq chicken, cheese, crackers, her delicous coffee chocolate ice drink, and gluten-free brownies.

My plate:


As we munched and chatted everyone filled out a trivia game about the past 4 seasons of the show. I was a rockstar and won and Ben came in second!! Everyone got to pick wrapped gifts – which turned out to be items the people on the TV show have tried to acquire at some point. Hilarious!

Here’s our haul:


I’m weirded out by the cheese wow, which I am not sure we’ll ever use – nor do I have big plans for the baby formula. At least we didn’t end up with the 72oz can of chocolate pudding!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The episode was ridiculous and now we’re all geared up and have to wait until the Fall for the next season. It’s hard to wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

And now we’re back to Monday. We were completely blessed and it’s supposed to be over 50 again today before dropping back down to the 30s. That means a nice walk tonight! I’m soooo itching for warmer weather and to be healed up enough to get out and get moving around. School’s done so it’s time to turn all that attention towards weight loss. It should be an exciting next couple of months. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!!


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations!!!

    Cheez in a can brings back memories for me LOL! College.

  2. Yay for the warmer weather Ali!!!!

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