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The Final Day!

I had a Google calendar alert pop up this morning and it said: “Today is your final day of class.” Well yippie-I-O. Last night instead of going to Accounting class just to hand in my final exam, I submitted it online last weekend and spent the night playing Minecraft online with Matt and Ben. Matt’s b-day is almost here and we’re having fun planning.

The news guys said a bit north of us got smacked with between 6 and 8″ of snow last night. I would have cried. OK, I would have more than cried. Come on Spring!! Come on!!

where is spring

Sunday is supposed to be over 50. I am so ready! But then next week is back into the high 30s. There’s a whole string of 38 degree temps showing up on the forecast. By then it’ll be April, APRIL. You’d think we’d be hitting 40 at least by then??

I feel sorry for all the birds. They must be really confused.

sign of spring

It’s all just around the corner. I keep telling myself one more week.

Ben and I completed 120 seconds on the plank challenge last night. I think my butt must have been hitched a bit too high in the air because I didn’t really feel like I was going to die until the last 30 seconds. I’m torn between trying to get in the full time and keeping up with Ben and making sure my form is 110%. I have Ben check and he says it looks fine but I don’t think my abs are that good. Either way, we’re doing something each day and I think that’s what counts.

We’ve been getting a few snow dustings in the mornings which looks pretty but feels like we’re not making any headway. Still, because we got so much snow and it was so cold, people were initially worried about flooding, so maybe the slower thaw is better for that?

fox river 2014

I’m in such a senior slump that I’ve procrastinated in getting my final 2 page paper written. I have my name on the top and that’s it! So the plan is to whip a bunch of it off during my lunch break today and then finish the rest off before class. I’m sooo excited to be done I don’t want to do anything. Major Senior Slump going on here. 🙂

We did a quick dinner last night of some stuffed lasagna rolls. Ben’s been asking for unusual things lately – I think he knows that coming next week, I’m on a major health kick / weight loss bandwagon. That generally means he gets towed along in the undercurrent. Poor guy – but he IS the one who wanted the local wedding and all that.


My camera has been severely darkening the bottom left of all my pictures lately. It’s really weird and yet there’s nothing on the lens at all. Maybe we should add a camera to our wedding registry…

Ok, off to work. When we chat tomorrow I’ll officially be done. Whooop! Whooop!


4 Responses

  1. So, if I make cookies, does that mean spring will finally be here?? We had a SNOW day yesterday!!

  2. Good job on the plank challenge and congrats on completing your classes. As for the weather, UGG!

  3. Congratulations on the last class!! Woo Hoo!

    This weather is flipping ridiculous. We haven’t been out of the 30s or 20s. We had 1 day in the 50s the day before we got a foot of snow. Our weekend is supposed to hit the low 40s, but rainy. I don’t know if I will get my bike out or not this month.

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