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The eagle(s) has landed

It used to happen rarely, either Matt or my mom would call or send me and email telling me they were excited about the new backyard forest pictured they’d acquired. My parents don’t exactly live in the country and have houses all around them, but their yard is a veritable zoo of animals. If you’d look at the memory cards on their cameras, it would be filled with deer, birds, squirrels, and fox pictures.

I’m guessing it helps that they are so close to the Fox River.

fox river 2 2014 

Now that the ice has considerably melted away, a new batch of photo-worthy subjects have cropped up. Lately the obsession has been surrounding the pair of red tail hawks who are making camp in the trees that overlook the swimming pool…

red tail hawks

I’m getting 4 or 5 pictures of these two a DAY now. 🙂

But the latest and greatest excitement has been over the eagles. When we moved into this house over 10 years ago, there were aeries a few miles down the road but nothing close. You could see an eagle once or twice a year. Of course, things change.

be 1

Isn’t the wingspan just amazing?!

They were all decked out on a chunk of melting ice happily catching fish. The one guy brought friends and it became a feast for three:

be 2

But the more the merrier right? As they enjoyed their lunch, more family joined in.

be 3

I definitely know how to spot a male bald eagle but honestly I am not sure I would have known the females were eagles and not hawks from a distance. I am not that good. These five actually became 8 total eagles prancing around on the water right in front of my parents’ house! Mom couldn’t get all 8 in the photo but you can clearly see 7 in this next one:

be 4

How cool is that!? Now between the hawks, all these eagles, and the owl I saw the other day, you’d think one of these birds could come and live by me to help control the rabbit population. 🙂

So there you have this week’s Daily Dose of Wildlife. Since I can only claim to have rabbits around me, this is way more fun. Do any of you have something fun living near your houses?? I want to know!!


3 Responses

  1. So awesome!! Travis is jealous 🙂

  2. How beautiful! We have a couple of pairs of bald eagles that live around here. There also is a big osprey nest on one of our bike routes and in some years we see babies!

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