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Gimme a break, Gimme a break…

… break me off a piece of that…

Ok, nevermind – I really meant that we need a break from the snow! I remember a couple of years ago when it was 80 degrees in March. Yes, that’s unusual, but at the same time, this Winter feels fairly crazy-ridiculous as well. It started snowing again last night and we got a bit less than an inch of snow. The cold weather and still-frozen ground had it stick and my backyard is back to being 100% snow-covered. I was getting sooo excited seeing the large spots of grass popping out. Bummer.

Yesterday the rash from my band-aid was almost unbearably painful. I am not at the point where I don’t need a band-aid to cover the wounds and no scabs are forming yet, so I have been cutting my band-aids as small as possible so the least amount of adhesive is touching my skin. Luckily this different band-aid style doesn’t seem to make things worse, it’s just I can’t make the entire area better if I keep plucking adhesive over an already irritated spot. Today I remembered to slather on some hydrocortisone cream and fingers crossed it gets me through the day without any issues.

I am totally excited for this weekend. We have a couple of fun things going on. Our new treadmill is arriving on Friday and Ben is taking the day off to get it set up for me. Ideally I’d like to have it in an unused area of the basement with a little TV / DVD player set up. Then if the weather is good, I’ll exercise outside and if it’s bad, I can pound it out inside. Perfect! Sunday is Matt’s birthday and we’re going to take him out for lunch. Then we wrap the weekend up with some friends to watch the season finale of “The Walking Dead” – they have a big party planned with trivia, door prizes, and lots of snacks. I absolutely cannot wait!

I’m low on fun pics right now since my injury is keeping me from doing too much and I’m wrapping up my last school assignments. But here’s a look at last night’s dinner that Ben made for me:


We’re still eating crispy, awful rice from the rice maker. We’ve now decided the bargain special is garbage and we’re throwing it out and registering for a better one. We also had steamed broccoli and pork chops on the grill. After a Winter with hardly any grilling, I am loving being able to grill out again. It makes it “feel” a bit more like Spring.

 I’m crossing my fingers I’m healed up enough by this weekend that I can use the treadmill. I’m so excited for it!

Oh, and finally, guess who completed a whopping 90 seconds of plank? 🙂 Wooot!

Have a fab day everyone!!


2 Responses

  1. Good thing there’s always the registry to fall back on 🙂 Love it!

  2. 90 second plank – go Ali!!

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