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Comfort Cookies

Happy Chilly Monday! It was one of those weekends with lots of highs and lows – and I’m not just talking about the temperatures.

Ben was still recovering from his cough and decided to work from home Friday – so when I got home from work he whisked me off and we enjoyed a rare Friday lunch out together. We each had the hot ham and cheese sandwich with fresh apples and a lite mustard sauce. Really, really tasty! It was so nice to have a leisurely lunch together. I think this was my favorite part of the weekend.


After lunch I went to the hair salon to get a scalp detox treatment. I guess it is supposed to remove buildup and stimulate hair follicles. I am still losing hair each week but it’s a LOT less than before. So now I’m trying to do what I can to grow the stuff back. I also thought the scalp and hand massage would help relax me before my dermatology appointment.

The skin cancer screening was lightning fast. She has a little light she will use to look at some but oddly enough all my moles I thought looked suspicious she barely glanced at. She spent a lot of time looking at one though and said it needed to be removed and sent to pathology…

For anyone wondering about mole removal – I’ll keep it as non-graphic as possible. To be honest, the removal is a breeze. I was so worked up that I kept blinking back tears the entire time but it was no big deal. They inject you with a numbing agent and you feel the prick but literally 5 seconds later you can’t feel a THING. It’s magic! The other interesting thing is that the agent puffs up your skin (thing a mosquito bite but 3x as big) so the mole is really lifted high on your skin. Then they take a razor and just swooooosh and it’s gone (I didn’t look). After a swab of vaseline and a band-aid, I was done.

I have a mole on my neck that always gets caught on necklaces and certain shirts and she removed that – along with a tiny one next to the bigger one she removed on my inner thigh. So – 3 moles gone total. I walked out feeling a bit in shock and I’m still waiting for the results on that one mole to come back. I got home and walked up the stairs, looked down, and the entire inside of my leg was red – right through my jeans. Ugh!

They didn’t give me any instructions other than to wash daily and apply pressure if it bled. Holy buckets. I grabbed a bunch of gauze and a clean washcloth and sat there for almost an hour. With Ben’s help we re-wrapped everything and I rested on the couch with a couple of iron supplements. The removal was easy, the recovery is not!

Enter Ben: Is it a really, really sad thing that the first thing Ben thinks of to make me feel better is sugar? But it works SO well!! I was flaked out on the couch unable to move so Ben went out to get dinner and a movie. He came back with:



I think Ben and I have been watching too many cooking shows – he heated the cookie and sliced a strawberry on top of some whipped cream. Probably the best cookie I’ve had in a long time. ❤

We spent the night watching Captain Phillips and trying to keep me from moving as much as possible. It probably sounds nasty, but when I woke up on Saturday, everything was so sore I didn’t want to take a shower for fear that I’d make things worse. We weren’t going anywhere anyway. Thankfully Ben loves me even if I look terrible. Ha!!

The band-aids weren’t sticking that great (probably because of all the initial blood) and I honestly couldn’t stomach looking at the open wounds (there were no stitches) so I just applied an extra band-aid over the top of the neck would and a nice gauze patch and tape on my thigh.

I slept a lot on Saturday and Ben made all the meals. Saturday I began to have a LOT of neck pain and noticed that the sticky part of the band-aid was causing some kind of allergic reaction. Yikes! The area where the band-aid had been was bright red and painful. But… it needed to be covered so I hopped into the shower and almost fell over. I tried not to touch, rub, or wash the areas – but I used a washcloth without soap to try to get some of the dried blood removed. It was pretty painful.

I put some rash cream on and that helped the pain in my neck a lot. Ironically, the two moles on my thigh are doing really well. Maybe I’ve done a better job moving them less? I don’t know. I was more concerned about those with walking around but they’ve done well so far. Knock on wood.

Sunday Ben did all the grocery shopping and I managed to finish my Accounting final exam and submit it online. Accounting class is FINISHED. *whooooooop* So that’s one class done, one more to go! Ben grilled chicken and I made more faux-potatoes. The combo of 1/2 cauli and 1/2 potato is pretty good and I like eating cauliflower mashed up like this.


And just as I was settling in to relax for the rest of the evening, comfort cookie #2 arrived:


Extra berries and whipped cream! I think maybe Ben knows my diet/exercise sprint is starting soon and if he wants to get away with buying a cookie, his window is coming to a rapid close. 🙂

This morning my leg is feeling OK but my neck is still causing me issues. I’m hoping just another day and the pain will not be an issue. I’d love to get to the point where I don’t need the band-aid because I have no choice but to apply it over the irritated area, but I switched brands and it doesn’t seem any worse…

I’m moving slow so I should probably post this and get going to work. Looks a little chilly out – 11 degrees! Good thing I haven’t packed the winter jacket away yet!


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  1. I am sorry you are having post procedure issues! When those are left open closure, bleeding can be an issue, but they don’t tell you that. You’ll be better in no time!

    I still like food for comfort, too. 😀

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