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When You’re Hoping for the Best

It’s Friday. At last. Whew. I made it through classes this week which means…

I only have next week left and then I am DONE with school. <squeal> Right now I still feel a bit overwhelmed – like I’m on mile 23 of a marathon and I’m not sure how I am going to make it those last 3 miles even though I know it’ll be over in no time.

I’m also nervous because I scheduled an appt with a dermatologist today. I have a couple moles that look a bit suspicious (ie really not good) and I’m more than a bit worried about what she’ll say. I’ve held off going in for a long time because of the nerves but now it’s time to just see if my fears are correct and then go from there. I had the appt for next week but I’ve been getting so nervous and antsy that I moved it up to today so I wouldn’t chicken out.

Ben and I have been rock’in the Plank challenge. I can’t believe we’re up to 60 second planks now. It’s wobbly and painful and my butt probably isn’t as low as it should be, but we’re getting it done. One more night of 60 seconds today and then tomorrow we boost it up to 90 seconds (audible gasp).

Just a quick post today – my nerves are too fried to do much in the way of creativity. But I hope your Spring is off to a great start so far! Have a fabulous and productive weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. Best wishes for the doctor appointment. Better to be safe and get them checked out!

  2. 90 SECONDS?! Craziness! Best of luck with that and the derm appt 🙂

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