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Thinking About Detoxification

Hey there folks! We woke up to an inch of snow this morning.

Any chance it will all melt away and the first day of Spring tomorrow will be snow-free? 100% unlikely! But – each day brings me closer to the end.

Since I’m getting so much closer to the end of school, my focus is starting to shift on how I want to approach toning my waistline / arms / fitting into my wedding dress. I know it’s going to boil down to a lot of hours of exercise combined with mindful eating. When I successfully lost weight in 2007 (25 pounds over a summer) I was averaging 1580 calories a day and averaging just short of 200 min of exercise a week. I’m a bit lighter now so I would adjust my calories down a bit – maybe in the 1450 range – but I want to be careful not to throw me totally whack by majorly lowering my calories at the same time I’m ramping up the exercise.

Ben has also been wanting to do a Spring cleanse and detoxification. I’m totally on board. The first and only time I’ve ever done a cleanse was in 2009 and I had no idea what to expect. About a week in, I noticed large white deposits at the back of my throat. They were sore and tender and I felt terrible… so I went to the Dr. She did a strep test which came back negative but put my on antibiotics anyway.

Long story short – the white stuff was most likely a reaction from my body trying to cleanse itself. That type of reaction usually is due to too much candida or yeast in the body and by stopping the cleanse and dumping in more nasty chemicals, I pretty much killed that attempt. Plus, I got a lovely side effect from the antibiotic that I’d never had before: a yeast infection (tmi? sorry!). I never need that again!

Anyway, so I think it makes sense to do it properly this time. Now that I’m more knowledgeable about the side effects, I’ll be able to weather it. We’re looking to both complete a 10 day “whole body cleanse”

07450 - Whole Body Cleanse™

(amazon stock photo)

But I’ll be following the cleanse up with a “stress” cleanse as well.

With school and wedding stuff, I’ve been a bit stressed since – a year maybe? And who knows, even if it isn’t that effective, there may be a placebo effect that will help. In any case, we’re ordering our cleanses today and will get started soon. I’m just on the hunt now for a solid program on what to eat during the cleanse. I don’t want to do a juice cleanse but also know certain things should be eliminated like sugars and processed foods.

I’m also buying a treadmill. That may sound silly when I have a perfectly good gym membership but I never, ever get jazzed up to head to the gym just to walk on a disgusting (ie dirty and probably germ-ridden) treadmill. I love the gym for my group fitness classes but for days when I just don’t want to pack everything up to walk on the treadmill (and especially for over the winter months) I think having one at home will be great!

I’m excited – for the end of school, for warmer weather and for revving up the mental energy to get fit. I have no idea what kind of weight I’ll need to lose, but I know what my measurements need to be. Plus, I think I’ll schedule a 5K run/walk for July as a mid-way point. I have good feelings about this summer. 🙂

A quick look at last night’s dinner: our favorite quinoa/corn pasta blend with sauce made from our very own vegetable garden! We have a few frozen cartons of tomato puree left and we like to use them as the base for spaghetti sauce. We added some organic beef and a variety of spices topped with a bit of parmesan.


Class tonight – we’re on the final week of regular classes. I get to pick up the final exam tonight and am hoping to whip through it this weekend so I can wash my hands of Accounting for good!! 🙂

Question: Have any of you done a detox cleanse before? I’d love to know your experiences!!


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  1. Mmmm homemade sauce is the best!! I have never done a detox before. I have heard so many different types of them and stories (good and bad). Just not so sure how I’d do!!!

    I really wish I could afford an entire home gym. That would be awesome!

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