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Almost To The Final Turn

Are you sporting your festive green today? Is the luck ‘o the Irish upon you? I’m listening to the morning radio broadcast (it’s 6 am) and they are already at the bar. I’m not sure why, but booze before breakfast just doesn’t appeal to me. At all. You know what else is not appealing – the upcoming forecast. More snow on the way. ūüė¶

Moving on to better things…¬†we’re getting so very close to the end of the semester! This week is my last week of regular classes and next week I have the two final exams. I remember when I started back in the Fall of 2011 and thought that I would never, ever finish. In some ways it’s felt like a lifetime but otherewise¬†it’s flown by. This weekend I spent hunkering down and working, working, working on crossing assignments off the list. We’re inching closer folks!

We were invited over to dinner on Friday and got a chance to catch up with friends. We feasted on delicious tacos and their dog was fixated on the owl that pranced around the yard all night. This is a terrible picture (glare and all) but it’s an owl!


When he sat there and turned his head, he looked just like a cat but when he spread his wings and flew… amazing!

Saturday morning I went to 9 am Body Combat. This used to be my favorite group fitness class until I discovered Body Pump. However, Pump is offered at 7 am and this girl was way too tired to make it in that early. Ben came along and did 30 min on the elliptical and then finished with a weight circuit. Class was blissfully empty. I guess a lot of people were at the St Patty’s Day parade. Not a problem – I had tons of room to shuffle, kick, and punch without worrying about running into anyone. Sometimes the classes are so packed, you feel a bit like a sardine. I can tell my energy level is not up to where it should be but I did have a moment of pride. There was a “fit looking” girl in class with the matchy-matchy gym clothes and expensive shoes doing Combat – and she gave up after 20 min and spent the rest of the time barely trying. It was amusing but I wished she would have tried harder. There’s something¬†the class atmosphere¬†and pushing yourself to keep going and¬†when others are barely making an effort, you know? Something about sticking it out with the group.

Oh well.

I took my friend Renee with me to Costco afterwards¬†(sweaty as we were) because she’s been experimenting with the “Cook Right For Your Type” diet. She cut out Diet Coke from here diet – which is sooooo impressive since she lives for her DC fix each day. I can’t imagine giving up coffee. ūüôā We found a lot of things she could eat and I picked up a few more misc items as well.


All organic folks!

Saturday night we decided to rent the next Hunger Games movie and settle in at home. I gave Ben my credit card and he raced into the store to get the movie. We got home, plugged it in, and I was greeted with previews of РTwilight Breaking Dawn (??). We realized he grabbed the wrong movie! Whomp-whomp. It was back to the redbox kiosk and luckily a copy of Catching Fire was still available. Fifteen minutes later we were settled in and ready to go. I liked the movie and thought it did a fairly good job of sticking to the book. There are always a few things but for the most part, it was well done. Looking forward to the next installment later this year.

On Sunday I woke up to coffee in bed! (See, can’t give it up ever!!) ūüôā I told Ben not to let me sleep in too much, so he woke me up exactly at 8 am with a steaming cup of coffee. We went with whole grain blueberry waffles for breakfast. I sliced some of the strawberries and we drizzled maple syrup on top.


Then we packed up and headed back to the gym. Two workouts in two days – I’m on a roll!! Sundays aren’t usually very busy and we hopped on elliptical machines right next to one another. We did 30 minutes and then did some upper body exercises before heading home to shower.

Ben ran some errands and came back with some beautiful flowers for me. I think he knows I’m hankering for Spring. There’s nothing like bright flowers to perk a room up. ‚̧


He also brought some Southwestern and turkey wraps for lunch. Awesome – didn’t need to cook anything!


Since there were two different kinds, we each tried half Рboth were delicious!

Yesterday was our rest day on the Plank Challenge. Today we’re up to 45 seconds. So far I’ve been managing to hang in there. We’ll see how far I get before I need to repeat a day.

Not much in store today – just off to work and some snow tonight. I’m hoping it’s not much and that the roads are good tomorrow. I suppose it is silly to ask if anyone else is ready for Spring too. At this point, we ALL are!

Avoid the green beer (it looks scary ūüėČ ) and have a terrific Monday!!


2 Responses

  1. That owl is so cool!!! Loveeeee the look of those pancakes. Also, planks are SO HARD. I shake horribly!

  2. How cool on the owl! We have an Irish family and we all get so annoyed at the people using St. Patrick’s Day to get plastered. I may drink an occasional Guinness and I may have had a green beer before, but not into that stuff. We do like to do traditional food, though!

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