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Just Like the TV Show

It’s Thursday and the temps are supposed to be in the 30s – with 40s tomorrow. Yippity-dippity-doo! I figure a few more weeks and I should be able to see the first buds and blooms starting to sprout. Exciting!

Is anyone mystified by the Malaysian plane that poofed into thin air? It feels like the TV show Lost in a way. I don’t know much about plane mechanics, etc… but I just can’t understand how (in this day and age) a plane can vanish. Isn’t the black box indestructible? Don’t they have all kinds of sensors and feeds and sonar and triangulation and a whole host of other random things? It’s scary…

We survived day 2 of planking. The 20 seconds feels really long. I’m usually starting to shake around 10 seconds in. Yes, my abs are that bad. 🙂 Last night we put the timer on the ground and both did it at the same time. Misery loves company. Tonight we up the time to 30 seconds. While I want to be optimistic, I have a feeling I’ll be repeating several days during this month. Ha – it might end up being the 60 day plank challenge! 😉

Since I’m on the lookout for Spring, I’m sharing a few more signs of life:

a fluffy female cardinal:

her striking male companion:

Red-tailed hawk! What a beauty!

This is what the squirrels do when the hawks are near: flatten against a tree and hold perfectly still:

I find that particularly fascinating. He blends right into the tree trunk doesn’t he?

Hairy woodpecker:

White-breasted nuthatch:

My maternal grandmother was absolutely crazy about birds and a lot of that love rubbed off on my mom. My mother can identify almost anything whereas I am pretty limited. I know a cardinal, blue jay, robin, and “woodpecker” but downy vs hairy – I have to look that stuff up.

I need to vigilantly be watching the asiatic lilies and as soon as the snow melts around them, I’m fencing them in! The rabbits will not feast on my beauties this year! (Plus, we’ll get the traps baited and set right away) I wondre if we’ll improve on the 11 rabbits we captured in ’13? Time will tell…


3 Responses

  1. Did you take all those bird shots? They are lovely! My sister is quite the birder. She can identify birds by their song!

  2. Did you know Travis is an avid bird watcher? He is ranked 4th in our county this year for birds found. He is like 30th in the state of Maryland. It’s to the point that I can recognize bird calls. I’m not so crazy about it, but to each their own, right?

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