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50s Once Again

At Lassssssssssssssssssssssst! We had some majorly amazing weather yesterday. I was so excited and now I want more!!! I left work 10 minutes early to get to the dentist and my coat was unzipped, mittens were off, and sun roof was wide open. Ahhh so wonderful. It registered 54 in the car and felt incredible. The news guy said we haven’t had a day over 45 since Dec and a day over 50 since early November. No wonder I feel so starved for decent temps!

The dentist was actually not too bad. My cavaties were teeny-tiny and he was able to use a laser to clean them out. No numbing and I came home and could eat dinner right away. We opened up the windows downstairs to flush out some of the Winter air. Boy do I have a taste for Spring now…

<Bachelor Finale Spoiler Alert>

Bachelor Juan Pablo.jpg

I have to ask, have any of you been following this season of The Bachelor? It’s literally all anyone has been talking about for weeks. Apparently Juan Pablo is the sorriest excuse for life ever – and the worst “Bachelor” too. So… I tuned in to watch the majorly-hyped “shocking” finale last night.

Wow. He’s kind of an ass isn’t he? His line to Clare “I wish the earth would swallow me” – what is that exactly? I understand that the girls on the show don’t get the benefit of watching and analyzing all the behavior the way we do at home, but I was so frustrated with the guy after only a few minutes listening to him. He doesn’t say anything and doesn’t appear at all interested in either girls. Plus, at the finale? How rude was he? I wanted to smack him a few times. I hope the girl realizes that he’s a completely worthless excuse for a man and dump him.

But it’s all good because he’s respecting her father, ya know? He is not 100% sure and honestly, I am not 100% sure he even cares about her much at all. If anything. I feel sorry for his daughter when she gets old enough to watch this show and see what a loser her father is.

Any predictions how long this “relationship” will last? Did anyone else watch last night? I would be interested in your take.

Have any of you tried the 30-day plank challenge? I was thinking of giving it a go. I definitely could use more core strength. Day 1 is 20 seconds… that doesn’t sound too bad (famous last words). Thinking of starting tonight and seeing how it goes.

I feel so antsy this morning. I want more warm weather. I want all the snow to melt. I want to be outside exercising and not sitting around. Oh yeah, and I want school to be over. Sooo excited to get through these next few weeks. I think April is going to be awesome!!

What one thing are you most excited about?


One Response

  1. I don’t watch reality shows. The only one I used to watch was Project Runway until it got to be too much drama and not enough clothes.

    We were in the 50s today, which was glorious! Now we have a major snow storm coming in tomorrow. Wahhh!

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