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Wii Weigh-In

Oh Daylight Savings Time – you’re both a blessing and a curse! I love the longer sunshine into the evenings, don’t get me wrong, but we’re back to the dark, dark mornings once again. At least it’s not for long. There’s also that itty bitty issue of losing an hour of sleep. When the alarm went off this morning I groaned pathetically. For some reason when I know I’m losing sleep, I stress about it and end up not being able to fall asleep… so I stared at the clock until after midnight and woke up to the evil red light at 5:30 am. I think I may be a teensy bit tired today. Answer? Coffee.

We’re in store for some excellent weather though – the guy on the radio said 46 today! Crazy. Yesterday it was 27 and people were in the stores wearing shorts. I would imagine with this kind of weather I’ll be seeing sandals and tank tops.

The very early Spring birds are making their way up North again and that’s a fun sign. We have cedar waxwings:

And a wide variety of sparrows:

Still waiting for the first robin sighting – a true sign of warmer weather!

One of my girlfriends put together a 12 week challenge to whoever can lose the most weight amongst her girlfriends. Since I really have nothing to lose, I jumped in. It’s been a frustrating semester – the stress and busy schedule is keeping me yo-yoing on the scale. I think I’ve lost and found the same 15lbs at least a dozen times. The clothes are loose, then the clothes are tight – repeat. I’m unfortunately on the upside of the yo-yo right now, which is not a good place to be considering the wedding dress issue coming up.

Anyway, I drove over and weighed in on her Wii board. You pick a little character and then once the scale registers how fat you are, it plumps up the character accordingly. No fair! Ha ha 🙂

So the challenge will run until the first week of June. I’m trying to hang in there these last weeks of school and then turn all my attention to exercise.

There was a special Costco shopping night on Saturday where they opened the store for 2 hours just for the people at our office. I had assumed there would be less people since it wasn’t open to the general public… but it was still a madhouse. We brought my family along to shop and picked up a slew of things we did and didn’t need:


Broccoli cheddar and chicken tortilla soup (staples during class nights), a 3 pack of Spring colored Febreeze (didn’t need but I am a sucker for anything with flowers on it this time of year!), a huge bag of organic sugar (definitely didn’t need but the price, OMG), a large bottle of JetDry, allergy medication


A 4-pack of sunscreen (Ben picked that up), raspberries, pre-cut apple packs for lunch, half and half


kefir for Ben, and the new premier protein flavor: strawberries and cream. All in all, a $150 haul. Now I think we’re set on Costco shopping for another month or two.

Friday night – before I heard about the 12 week challenge, we picked up a pizza. It was so delicious and now I wish I’d savored it a bit more. I have a feeling there won’t be a lot of pizza in my near future.


I also cleaned out another pantry item that had been sitting in there since last year!


And yes, we polished off the entire box of Girl Scout cookies in a single day. Is that really pathetic? Probably 🙂

So, three weeks of classes left and warmer temps. Just hanging in here a bit longer. I can do this. Then I need to crack the whip and become an obsessive exercise and diet freak – but in a balanced way so I’m not losing any more hair!

Dentist this afternoon to get two cavaties filled. Hopefully no more of that for a long, long time.

Stay awake people – Spring is coming!!


4 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you had a box of my favorite girl scout cookie sitting around for a year! I don’t buy those anymore because I can’t control myself around them.

  2. That is awesome that you will be in it with friends! Always more motivating!

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