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Fun Decisions

Ahh yes, Wednesday. It’s the start of my two-nights-in-a-row of classes but also begins the downward crawl to Magnificent Friday.

A random fact for you today (you know, in case you want to impress someone with your historical acumen). It was this day in history (1868) when C H Gould patented in the stapler in England. I don’t know about you, but I rather like staplers. 🙂

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my mom has re-caught her quilting bug. She finished THREE quilts that have been in progress for more than 10 years and wanted to make a quilt for our wedding. I have been poking around online looking for color ideas and now have the patterned narrowed down.

Traditionally, I like log cabin styles – but they usually seem a bit too “country” for what I am looking for. I found this gorgeous pattern and really like the bold stars:


But I also really like the double irish chain. In fact, I’m leaning more and more towards this. There’s just a few colors and fabrics needed (so quicker to pick out fabric) and looks contemporary.


Another look:


I love how machine quilting can make those cute flower patterns in the middle. Maybe I’m also partial to the irish chain because the top one is pretty close to the colors I’d want. It’s nice to have a close visual of the final product!!

There’s a thief in my house. Somebody stole the second package of marshmallow crispy oreos!! They were sitting on the counter – unopened and ready to be torn into – and now they are GONE! I questioned the obvious person: Ben and he claimed innocence. Dear blog readers, do we trust the man or should I start poking through his sock drawer??



2 Responses

  1. I love the Irish chain one! Have you looked at the wedding ring pattern? My aunt made one of those for us and we still have the quilt (on our bed, too) for almost 18 years now.

  2. How dare ANYONE steal the oreos!!! HOW RUDE!

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