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Oh the beautiful snow

On this beautiful Tuesday, we’re adding a few more inches to the overall snowfall tally.  The roads don’t look too bad and I’m trying to laugh this snow in the face since I’m determined to believe it will all be gone very, very soon…

So today is Fat Tuesday – it’s already upon us! Every year I always will remember the time my mom special ordered a King Cake for us. I’d never seen one before and it was so much fun (plus, I love baked goods)

(history of King Cakes)

This year I’m not really craving King Cakes as much as those darn marshmallow rice krispie-esque Oreos. Just don’t buy them. I won’t even admit that I ate an ENTIRE package of them over the course of a weekend. That would just be too pathetic.

Just say no to this:


I’ve got a new wedding plan! I’ve decided that instead of losing the planned 20-30lbs needed to fit into my current wedding dress, I am now going to lose 100lbs and get a second job so I’ll be able to both afford and squeeze into this dress:

Calista Flockhart arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

A little shoulder-length veil and a simple bouquet and the look would totally come together. Plus I love the little sleeves in case the September weather is a bit chilly.

It’s always good to have a decent back-up plan, right? 🙂

I didn’t recap my Feb goals yet but I did pretty well. I’m realizing that when I give myself calorie “cheat” days – I tend to go overboard. So this is something I probably need to look a bit closer at. We did a good job eating food out of the pantry. We used up some soups, a few old smaller baggies of rice, and a couple other odds and ends. There’s still more that could be done though and I need to do some organizing as well. Maybe that’ll be a good after-school-is-over project.

This month I’m just looking to lose a couple pounds so I can get cracking on the weight loss hard in April. I figure I’ll have April – July to lose weight and still have 6 weeks to get my dress altered at that point. If it doesn’t fit… well I’ll tackle that problem later. One thing at a time.

Ok, off to work. Have a wonderful day. If anyone wants to stand outside with me and do a rain dance to get the snow to melt, just let me know. 😉


2 Responses

  1. Love your backup plan 😉 That dress is gorgeous. And those cookies are SO GOOD.

  2. I missed Calista’s dress on the red carpet. GORGEOUS!!!

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