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Breaking the Records

Photo: We have now broken the record for most days below zero in a winter for Green Bay. 49 as of Today.

Go big or go home, right?

We hit the record for most days below zero on Friday. Since then we’ve had a few more days to add to the tally. I think my car temp is permanently etched with the little minus sign now. It is -20 out right now according to weather.com. Brr.

3-3 temp

But the days are getting longer and that certainly helps. As long as the extended forecast isn’t playing games with me, we’ll hit 31 on Friday. Please, please, please. 🙂 My only solace at this point in time is hoping the cooler Winter means a cooler Summer too. I can’t imagine enduring this and then having to deal with high heat and humidity to boot!

I’m not sure what happened over the weekend, but I was a dead zombie girl. Both of my classes got out late last week, so I got home much later than usual – which means less sleep. When I got home on Friday I was going to do homework and then whip together a blog post, but ended up falling asleep on the couch with my Accounting book next to me. Ooops. Saturday wasn’t much better. I spent the morning doing homework and then fell asleep in the afternoon. Ben nudged me around 4pm so we could go out to eat with some friends.

If you can’t be in Mexico – might as well dine Mexican. Ole!


One of my bridesmaids and her hubby:


We had enormous plates of tacos, tamales, and Ben was dying for a huge burrito:




I really loved the fiesta corn with the black beans and peppers. It was delicious!

We all had a great time and left stuffed. Then we got caught up on the newest episodes of “The Walking Dead”. I really love that show – sooooo suspenseful!

Ben’s folks invited us out for brunch yesterday and we met at a little bar that does a nice brunch buffet. We had made-or-order omelets, french toast, and tons of pineapple.


 I’m feeling a lot less tired today (finally) so I think all the extra sleep really helped. I’m sure the stress, past sickness, and overall crazy schedule weren’t helping much. But – you do the best you can, right?

Would you believe by this time next MONTH, I’ll be completely, totally, and utterly finished with school? Forever and ever and ever. Amen. 😉 So I’m holding onto that and trekking along. This is going to be over soon and then I can turn my attention towards exercise, fitness, healthy food, and wedding stuff. Hurrah!

Have a wonderful Monday. Stay warm!!! The end is near!!



6 Responses

  1. That just made me crave Mexican food. That looks yummy!

  2. That food looks so good!

    How exciting to be graduating and done with school! I am 45 and still paying off student loans. I hope you have better luck with that than me LOL!

  3. Mmmmm Mexican is the best!!!

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