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It’s a Chilly Tuesday!

Nothing like starting the day with some amusement:

breakfast in bed

We’re in the midst of another cold front slowly pushing its way on through. Looks like Thursday the high is 0 and the low is -17. If ever there was a semester where I’d love to have that mid-semester break week! I can’t tell you how fast I would be hopping in a plane and getting out of here for a bit. It seems like it’s starting to affect more and more people too. It’s been so dark, dreary, and cold – but at least there isn’t a lot of snow in the immediate forecast (knock on wood).

While the weather is a bit bah-humbug, I am actually feeling pretty good about Winter wrapping up. We have something like 23 days until the first day of Spring and I’m hoping by that time we’ll see a swoop upward in temperatures. However, if the cold winter means a colder summer (like 70s alllllllllll summer long), I would be doing a giddy little dance.

Last night we pan-cooked some parmesan chicken and Ben wanted some brown rice to go along with it. Of course, the one side that got a little crispy is the side I plated up for the whole world to see. Ha ha


We’re really having trouble with the rice cooker. It’s either chewy or browned on the bottom. I’m not sure if it’s because we bought a cheap cooker or if it’s because we can’t seem to understand how to adjust water to make it work. The brown rice had a bit of an unpleasant crackle to it. :\

I’m feeling good enough to get back to my Tuesday BodyPump routine. Since I haven’t been there in 3 (or 4?) weeks, I’m not relishing the soreness that is going to accompany it, but better to get going again sooner rather than later. Hopefully I can coax Ben to get out of work a few minutes early so he can come along. It’s so much more enjoyable with company!!

Does anyone use a rice cooker? Any tips/tricks or do I just need to invest in a pricey model?



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  1. I have a rice cooker but haven’t used it in ages. Can’t remember which brand. It has 2 tiers so you can steam veggies at the same time. I liked it when I used it but I think you have to pay attention to the water level. Maybe that’s why you are getting funky rice 😉

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