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Adventures with Sourdough

Hurrah and hurray – I’m looking out the window at 6:02 am and there’s a bit of light outside. We’re about to dip back into some cold weather this week but it’s heartening to know that the days are getting noticeably longer. I always get a horrible itch to be outside mid-March when it feels like there’s so much daylight and I’m wasting it by being cooped up inside. Yet, the temps are still freezing and snowstorms are still prevalent. Either way, Spring is on the horizon and March is just around the corner. Both are reasons to rejoice!

With Midterms behind me, I am back to the normal weekly homework. I have a couple bigger projects due in a few weeks but I gave myself this weekend to catch my breath and just worry about the stuff due this week. I needed a bit of a breather. A gal at work loaned me season 4 of “Downton Abbey” and I whipped through the entire season this weekend.

Downton Abbey (TV Series 2010) DVD Release Date

I can never quite figure out why they make the seasons so short. Is it a British production thing? I’ve never heard of an 8 episode season except for a pilot show… With the popularity, you’d think they’d extend it a bit? In any event, it’s fun to sit down and crank through the episodes. I tackled season 4 during a middle of the night work deployment and learned that if you want to remember what happened, it’s better to watch the episodes during the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I thought I’d fill you in on some fun my mom’s been having with homemade sourdough starter. I think I’ve mentioned before that she’s been working on a starter that doesn’t contain yeast. It picks up natural bacteria and fermentation in the air. It’s harder to grow this way but the result is supposedly pretty healthy.

Here’s some of the fun things she’s been making:

Sourdough bread:

sourdough bread

Pretty loaf isn’t it? Not bad for no yeast!

She also has made several batches of English muffins. I never would have guessed that you make them in a fry pan and not in the oven.

sourdough 1

sourdough 2

She’s also been making pizza crust…

sourdough pizza

Fully admitted: I am jealous of not having time right now to experiment with fun things like that. I told Ben, if I could make a career out of it I think I’d want to take some cooking classes and then make my own YouTube channel of “Cooking with Ali” episodes. Not that I’m great at cooking now, hence the need for some classes. ๐Ÿ™‚ It just seems like so much fun though!

Her other new experiment has been making yogurt. She already makes buttermilk which has been in many batches of pancakes but yogurt with raw milk is a different animal.

She’s been having fun trying to see if she can use her old dehydrator and keep the internal temperature steady long enough. The real issue is that raw milk is really hard to work with because it separates more easily. Still, I don’t think she’s ready to give up yet!

yogurt making


I’m ready for a cold but productive week. I’m antsy for the end of the semester, for nice weather, and for the time to get cracking on some kind of Wedding Dress Bootcamp program. Right now the focus is on not gaining weight. While I’d love to be losing right now, I can’t put that pressure on myself along with school and crazy things going on at work. So I’m taking it all one thing at a time.

Here’s to a fabulous and productive week!


2 Responses

  1. I have a starter that is over 2 years old! It is really tangy now. I have made bread, english muffins (strange to actually be able to make those things), crepes and muffins with it. It’s very versatile!

    I love DA. I love the clothes and wish I could wear that style, but I am not tall and willowy like they all are LOL!

    • I am not as big a fan of the flapper style outfits with the drop waists. They are definitely the style of the times but they didn’t look that great on anyone – even the tall willowy actresses of DA. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m impressed with that starter. Wow!!

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