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Snow / Ice / Rain

We’ve got a whopper of a forecast set for the next 24 hours. I was out running errands yesterday in my cut-off shorts, tank top, and flip flops (gotta take advantage of the 38 degree temps!!!) and today is supposed to be over freezing as well. But, we’ve got a wintry mix of rain, sleet, snow, and probably some ice as well. Then tomorrow a big front pushes through with 50mph winds and cools things back down, down, down.

But, yesterday was really nice. 🙂 Hello Spring, please come back!!

Wasn’t the ladies short program phenomenal last night? Everyone brought their A-game. There are always surprises and while I expected Mao to fall on her triple axel attempt, I didn’t expect it to affect the rest of her program. Still, I think she’ll still finish in the top 10 overall but I don’t think it’s possible (even if others make mistakes) for her to get on the podium now.

What’s so interesting is all of the controversy around judging. To be fair, there has definitely been some scandals in the past that I think are still on everyone’s minds. How can a skater who falls be ahead of one who doesn’t? Etc, etc… It happens all the time and in every Olympics though. Take Jenna McCorkell from GBR – she didn’t fall and didn’t even make the cut-off to be able to participate in the long program. It boils down to so much more than just landing your jumps.

It’s difficult to understand the complexity if you don’t follow the sport (and to be honest, sometimes even us faithful followers are puzzled). I laughed quite a bit listening to the live broadcast of the ice dance event. No one understood the high scores of the Russian team and while everyone agreed Meryl and Charlie won, no one could understand how they won by that much. Little things like that sap the credibility of the new scoring system and certainly sour each event under the halo of scandal.

One thing I can easily address is why Yu-Na Kim isn’t further ahead of everyone else. In the second half of every program, you get a 10% bonus for your jumps (because you’re tired and jumps are harder then). It was an attempt to make programs more balanced rather than people cramming 7 jumps into the first minute of their programs. Yu-Na landed one of her jumps just 2 SECONDS before the bonus and sacrificed an additional .5-.7 points. That would have really boosted her score and given her a more substantial lead.

yuna kim adelina yulia carolina short program pics 10

Should be spectacular tonight! 🙂

I’ve been trying to meet up with one of my friends for dinner and we decided to do a quick catch-up before class last night. Another delicious trip to Hu Hot!

I really love their Asian salads. The balsamic dressing is absolutely delicious.


I skipped noodles this time to save starchy calories and loaded up on chicken, some spicy sausage, and a boatload of veggies!


I told Ben since I was heading out for dinner, he needed to come up with some healthy food for himself…


That’s right, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mac & cheese. Totally health food. Ha! Interesting to note, Ben hasn’t had Kraft mac & cheese in ages – we’re solidly on the Annie’s bandwagon – and he admitted that the Kraft stuff isn’t very good. He only finished half of his usual amount. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

Class was only an HOUR last night. Hurrah! Hurrah! I got back with plenty of time to watch all the figure skating. I suppose it’s too much to hope the same will happen tonight, but you never know. 🙂

Anyways, I have all my midterms done and this week’s assignments are complete. The homework over the weekend isn’t tragic so I am feeling a lot better. What a week! Definitely glad to have that over with.

Good luck to the ladies today. Eeeeek so excited!!


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  1. Aweee Ben’s growing up 😉 Loved when my classes were short 🙂

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