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Figure Skating: Ladies Round-up

Eeek Eeek Eeek!!! It’s heeeeeeeere!!!!

The ladies event begins tonight!! (well, this morning if you’re being technical) I am so excited. As for many, this is my favorite event. Love the men, love the pairs, I’m ok with ice dance, but I love, love, love the women. Oh, and I am STILL 2 out of 3 for guessing the podium winners. That makes me 6/8 overall. Maybe I can finally guess all three correctly today. 🙂

Yu-Na Kim – Gold


Photo Credit: GEOFF ROBINS /AFP/Getty Images

All hail the “queen”. Yu-Na was the 2010 Olympic gold medalist and then took a few years off as many winners do. She came back without missing a beat at last year’s world championships and won the gold. There hasn’t been much to review of her skating but people keep commenting that she looks as good as ever. Despite all of South Korea resting hopes on her shoulders (again), she says she’s not overwhelmed. She has a gold already and this Olympics is just for herself. If she doesn’t make a mistake, she’ll be the first repeat gold medalist since Katarina Witt did it in ’84 and ’88. I think she’ll win. Plus, how can you root against someone who was so involved in the Special Olympic games that Alex was in last year???

Julia Lipnitskaia – Silver


Photo Credit: glamour.com

Ever since Julia’s brilliant skates in the team event, she’s been all anyone is talking about. She came out of no where and won the European Championship and her presentation and artistry have improved even in this past month. Her demeanor reminds me of Ilia Kulik – the ’98 men’s gold medalist (also from Russia). She’s all business – with an almost ho-hum attitude that Ilia had throughout the Games. It’s amazing how well she’s handled the pressure so far. I’m wondering if the attack of media over this past week will put more pressure on her. She has the beautiful line and extension from ballet training and her jumps and spins are brilliant. I think she’s the 3rd best skater in the world right now, but I think she’ll end up in 2nd on medal night.

Mao Asada – Bronze

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 1

Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman /Getty Images

Oh Mao. Like Yu-Na, Mao was faced with so much pressure from her country. The Japanese media was a mobfest and she couldn’t walk a foot without being tossed into a throng of press. She became the first female to land multiple triples axels at an Olympics (she had three in her programs!!!) but her then lack of artistry wasn’t enough to overcome Yu-Na. Mao is the most technically brilliant of all the skaters and honestly, if each put out a 100% perfect program, Mao should win. She’s come SO far on her presentation style since the last Olympics too and she’s a complete skater now. You could tell the quality of her short program – even with the fall she landed ahead of Ashley Wagner’s clean program and deservedly so. The program was much more difficult. But… I think the triple axel will be her undoing. I see her risking it and a repeat of what happened in the pairs event when the Germans sacrificed a silver and ended up with bronze. She’ll be on the podium but it won’t be the color she wants.

Dark Horses

Carolina Kostner

Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner


It feels like Carolina has been in competition forever but she keeps getting better with age – it’s unusual. Her jumps have gotten stronger and she’s been a contender in every event she’s entered. She won’t win gold but I could see her possibly grabbing the bronze if the top ladies make mistakes and she is clean.

Gracie Gold

She nailed it! Gracie Gold hit every one of her 11 jumps in the team competition over the weekend in Sochi

Gracie is the golden child of the US team right now. She’s adorable and the US media needs a bandwagon to jump on. Honestly, she just isn’t the came caliber as the top ladies. I could see her medaling in the next Olympics – possibly even a major contender for gold, but I don’t see her factoring into the mix this time around. It would be AMAZING if she got on the podium though and if she nails solid programs and, again, others make mistakes, it’s a possibility. Stranger things have happened and the ladies event is known for the young underdog to sweep in and claim gold… Or maybe that just strengthens Julia’s odds?

In any case, this is going to rock. I am so pumped. Since I have class tonight AND tomorrow when it will air on NBC, I have to decide if I’ll follow the result online or if, somehow, I can wait until Friday to watch it all. I’m thinking there’s no way I can wait. 🙂

Will any of you be watching tonight? Who is your pick for gold???


3 Responses

  1. I don’t watch much of the Olympics, honestly. I see bits and pieces here. The figure skating always makes me so nervous LOL!

    • I always get nervous for the people I want. There have been a few Olympics where the family had to leave the room because I was screaming at the TV too loudly. I’m kind of crazy that way. 🙂

  2. Grace is adorable 🙂 I sure do love watching their moves!

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