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Above Freezing – Whoop!


Some days it feels like Winter lasts forever and I always get to a point in Jan/Feb each year where I question why I live in a northern state and consider, briefly, options for moving into a more temperate climate.

Darn family. Darn Ben. 🙂 I guess I’m stuck here cause they’re here. I guess my long-term plan should be to find a job I can do from home, and when people in WI are dealing with 4-7″ of snow, I can be delicately typing away on my laptop while sitting on my porch sipping lemonade in the sunshine.

I wish we’d gotten a mid-semester break. We definitely would have gotten out of dodge and basked in a week vitamin d atmosphere. Alas, no week off and even more homework than I thought was possible. But hey, we’re halfway through the semester now – silver lining…

We’ve both been doing a really good job keeping on track with our calorie counting. This past weekend I was over both days and my goal is to stay on track all but 4 days this month, so I have to keep rocking away. Plus, it’s amazing how I can be 100% perfect all week, and gain any ounce lost back over the weekend. Darn weekend temptations! 😉

So in the continued quest for quick meals without a bunch of nasty ingredients, we stumbled across this jambalaya. No seafood or overly hot spices, so we thought we’d give it a try.


This was really good! One serving is under 150 calories, despite the rice. However the portion is small… for us. But even dividing all six servings into two larger helpings, you’re still only talking <450 calories for dinner.


Two servings probably would have been enough if we’d made an accompanying vegetable. Veggies are so hard for us to get in. I’m already looking forward to my garden and fresh veggies.

The garden planning is in full swing. I don’t think we need 3 tomato plants so I’m going to cut that back. I also am not going to attempt broccoli again. That was a big failure last year. The beans were ho-hum so I’m going to swap them for snap peas and then the rest will be zucchini (which did so well last year) and tons and tons of peppers. Organic peppers run about $6 for a 3-pack for $2.29 each so we saved a ton by growing our own. Since they are so heavily pesticide-sprayed, I grimace buying regular peppers and feel so good when we use our own ones. Well, they only lasted until December so we definitely need more grown this year!!

I’m ready for some Spring! My body is itching to get outside and I’m mentally antsy. My brain is hopping from one foot to another in anticipation. I can’t believe we probably still have more than a month yet to go but I’m hoping for some nice days in March like we had last year.

Ok, Ben’s done snowblowing so it’s time to head to work. Have a super day!!


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  1. Alex is probably loving the snow with his snowshoe running!!! I am glad it’s warm enough here that we have just had a lot of rain this past week. Craziness though!!

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