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Let’s Go Olympians!

Ahh the excitement of the Olympics! I really loved watching the Summer Olympics in London but my heart will always belong to the Winter games. I still remember being a 12 year old watching the ’94 Olympics in Norway and becoming hooked on figure skating. Crazy hooked. I would spray the bottom of my socks in furniture polish and zoom across the hardwood floors in our house – invariably crashing into random things. 🙂

Since then I’ve followed the sport pretty closely. The team competition that just wrapped up was an interesting addition. I have some suggestions if they want to continue it… Somehow I doubt they’ll ask my opinion. Ha ha

I may be the only person on earth who doesn’t have the DVR thing set up, which means if I want to catch every last second of the figure skating coverage, I pretty much have to be glued to the TV. I have a friend taping for class nights and spent the weekend still trying to recover from this nasty lingering bug, trying to make a dent in my mountain of homework, and sipping a ton of tea.

Probably my least favorite homework assignment to date has been to organize a closet using a certain “lean” process called 6-S. I had to take painstaking pictures and drag out an already long process. Here’s my “before” shot:


The “in between sorting” shot:


And my “after” shot:


Now I have to type it all up and get it formatted. The laundry baskets are now situated in random other areas of the bedroom but I did manage to weed out some clothes and determine that my severe shortage in black socks was due to them all being in a laundry basket out of sight. I have way, way too many socks!!! 🙂 Time to toss the old!

I’ve also been working on the next less icky hair loss idea: rosemary rinse. It does look like the hair loss has slowed down since the onion mask and while I’d love to be able to handle a few more rounds to really make a dent, I can’t handle it. Instead I am trying a rinse that is supposed to help.

Boil some water, add freshy rosemary, turn off heat and cover, let sit overnight:


You get a pretty deep color extracted. It smells pretty pungent but when sprayed on my hair, not really noticeable.


I picked up some spray bottles so it was easier to apply:


All I do is spray it onto my scalp after a shower and gently massage in. I’ve found this easier to do on wet hair and it just soaks in. Honestly, the smell is perfectly fine. I’m not sure this will pack the punch or be as effective as the onion, but it smells sooooo much better.

I’ve got a packed week going on: I get my midterm exams (both take-homes) later in the week. I have two assignments due, a dentist appointment, and a much-needed haircut. I’m thinking if I can get through these next two weeks, I should be in a much better place. Fingers crossed!!

Are you guys fans of the Summer or Winter Olympics? What’s your favorite Winter sport to watch?



2 Responses

  1. as much as it sucks to clean, it has to feel good to have it all done! I LOVE the summer Olympics…swimming all the way!

  2. I like both the summer and winter olympics. I really like the ice skating, all skating, gymnastics, swimming and the variety of all the sports. Good entertainment to see all the talented athletes from the many countries of the world.

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