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A Foggy Brain

I’m on the upswing. Hurrah! My temp this morning was back in the normal range even though I still have plenty of runny nose / coughing going on. New for today? A major foggy/spacy brain. Whoa… I packed Ben’s lunch and put it into his backpack before realizing I put my lunch in his lunchbag. After that, I couldn’t find my keys anywhere even though I always keep them in the same place. D’oh.

My drink of choice these past few days has been Emergen C raspberry drink.


I’ve been having one right away in the morning, another when I get home from work, and one more before going to bed.


Combined with everything else I’ve been doing, it’s hard to say or know if any of this really makes a difference. Since you don’t know how bad it would have been you kind of have to assume it helps, right?

I was finally feeling good enough for real food and we went out for dinner. I decided to be adventurous and got the weight watchers sirloin with grilled shrimp. With broccoli. I’m seriously lacking in greens lately.


The garlic butter sauce they dripped over everything was absolutely the most disgusting thing I’d ever tasted. I think it would have been really tasty without that added so I’m not sure why it was even put on. It was sour and kind of bitter too. I could scrape it off the meat ok but most of the broccoli went untouched. I did eat the shrimp though and was proud of myself for trying something a little different.

Even though I eyed Ben’s cheeseburger and fries with longing the entire time…


I even want that fry right now!!

Word of advice: if you go to Applebees and get that weight watchers dish, be SURE to have them leave off that wicked faux cheese stuff. So disgusting; so nasty!!

How’s that for a critical food review? Wahahaha

This illness derailed some of my momentum for getting going on February goals. I hit my January goal of getting to the gym 5 times. For February, my original goals were to:

1. Count calories every day and stay within calorie limit 24 of 28 days this month

2. Pantry cleanup: Use at least 5 things from the pantry that have been sitting in there for more than 6 months. Time to clear out the old stuff sitting way back on the shelves!

Since these first couple days have been crazy with the sickness, I haven’t been as concerned about calorie counting. Plus, I’ve just been eating whatever sounds good to my stomach and throat. Assuming by Friday I’ll have this bug pretty much wrapped up, I’ll shoot for tracking from there to the end of the month and staying on track all but 3 of those days (gotta have a little cheat here or there right?)

I managed to get some homework done last night, which was much needed. I’m a bit worried about everything that still needs to be done and that I’m losing these next two nights to class. I’m also nervous about sitting in class for 3+ hours while I’m not 100%. At least my cough has mostly wrapped up and my fever is gone…

Alright, off to work. Have a super fantastic day everyone!


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  1. I need french fries right now haha. SO DELICIOUS!

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