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Where there’s a cough, there’s a wheeze

Greetings on another chilly -16 degree Monday morning!

It was a hodge-podge of random disappointment over the weekend. I was scheduled to meet with the gym’s personal trainer on Friday so I packed up and got there 5 minutes early. I’m always a little nervous in general to meet someone because I always feel conspicuous huffing and puffing as I trail the trainer around the gym. I met with one of the main trainer guys and told him what I was looking for so he could pair me up with someone he thought would be good for me, so I felt a bit better going in. After waiting 20 minutes, they told me she was running behind and some random guy could take care of me instead. No thank you. So – after all that, I left.

I went to the Toastmaster’s officer training on Saturday and that evening Ben and I went out to celebrate. We both just got our yearly raises and bonuses and thought it would be fun to try a new restaurant out. A few weeks ago we drove to Appleton (about 25 min away) and arrived at 5:10pm for dinner. We asked the hostess how long the wait was and she said “not long” so we grabbed our number and went into the bar to wait… At 6:45pm I was so hungry I told Ben we needed to leave and go someplace else for dinner. It was a disappointment and I was really mad that we waited that long only to walk out. This time we called ahead and checked the wait time and, luckily, got seated right away.

Ben had been to this supper club once before and was really excited for me to go with him. We both ordered the “stuffed tenderloin” which actually was more of a tenderloin cordon bleu. First up was the salad:


I am always a bit impressed when the salad has more than iceberg lettuce, a tomato wedge, and a slice of cucumber!

Mmm meat – and I ordered french fries for the first time in forever!!


The first time we came I didn’t order anything from the bar because I prefer to sip a drink with food in my tummy first. So I’d been eyeing up a snickertini and knew that was exactly what I wanted this time.


Everything looked good and smelled good but honestly, the meal fell flat. I didn’t care for the breaded tenderloin and wished I’d gotten just a plain ole steak. My drink was so strong it felt like I was tasting rubbing alcohol in there too. Bummer. But the place was awesome and our waitress was really nice. Next time, just order something else. 🙂

On our way home I started feeling kinda tired. I crashed early Saturday night with plans to hit the gym early to make up for no exercise on Friday and then get a bunch of homework done. However, when I woke up I was SICK. Instead of getting anything accomplished, I spent the day curled up on the couch. To cap a pretty miserable weekend off, the Broncos were replaced by aliens and I stopped watching the SuperBowl a little after halftime. Ugh. Total and complete shock and disappointment there.

This morning I’m sporting an un-fashionable cough and a 100.2 degree temp. I have a couple of morning meetings and then I’m thinking of taking some sick time and going home to rest. At this point, I can’t even think about how far behind I am on homework. It ain’t pretty. But – the first step is to get better again.

Despite all this, I’m actually in a pretty positive mood. It’s February, I’ve got some great goals this month, and I’m excited for the Olympics! Lots to look forward to just around the corner. All I need to do is keep it together and trudge on through. 🙂


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