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Worst Month Over With?

Hurray and hallelujah! I’m always excited when the calendar flips off January and we cross the month off. I think January is the hardest month for me – it’s the darkest, the longest, etc, etc… February makes you feel like you can hang in there (with it being a “short” month) and the days are getting longer. Plus, the Olympics are almost here! I’m so stoked!

I was behind the entire day yesterday and didn’t even have time to post. Both of my classes this week went late and I got home cranky and exhausted. I don’t have mental energy at 8:45pm to be working on process improvement diagrams. Just too tired. 🙂

The homework for next week is piling up in astounding fashion. How on earth did I ever get so behind!? Unfortunately I have my Toastmaster’s officer training from 8am – 3pm on Saturday so I think it’s going to be uber scramble mode the entire weekend. On the flip side, I’m officially 1/3 of the way through the semester. Rock Star!

Years and years ago, my Mom used to quilt. Once we moved to the GB area in 1999, all her quilting stuff got packed up from the move and then she got busy with massive house renovations and various other projects. However, she just got back out some of the quilts she’d been working on 15 years ago and started finishing them. I think she officially has the quilting bug once more!

It’s fun looking at them, because I remember when she started making the blocks. 🙂 What’s cool is a lot of the fabric is from dresses my mom wore as a little girl and one that her mother wore.

Bits and Pieces:

bits and pieces

Gathering Hearts:

gathering hearts

She has both of these almost finished and is looking for another quilting project… and offered to make us a quilt for our wedding. I am so excited! I’ve been looking for something a long time and ended up buying a cheap comforter until I can find exactly what I want. So now I need to pick out a pattern and pick out some colors.

Mom told me about an awesome website that puts different color palettes together and is great if you’re looking for color inspiration. There are TONS of color combos and I’m only part of the way through, but here’s a few that stand out to me right now:

(Color Crash – designseeds.com)

(succulent hues – designseeds.com)

Kitchen maybe on this last one??

(Citrus Hues – designseeds.com)

I thought I’d narrow it down to a couple of my favorites and then have Ben pick his favorite from that bunch. It’s hard because I love bright colors but I think a bedroom quilt should be a bit more subdued. I should save the bright and sparkly for the kitchen.

OMG – I want to re-do everything! Who has the time/money?? I definitely have the remodel bug though. 🙂

Ok – time to scoot off to work. I’m meeting with the personal trainer at the gym for my yearly eval and workout. I’m a bit nervous that I haven’t gained much ground since last year but we’ll see.

Happy end of January!


3 Responses

  1. Ummm… yeah, I understand the remodel bug 😀 I played around the that website, but I find I can’t get the colors deep enough for me. There seems to be either a limit on them or user error (big possibility there).

  2. I’m ok with the month of January, it’s February that brings on the winter blues for me.
    I like that color mix site. Great idea. I’ll be checking that out.

  3. There’s so much I wish we could afford to do to our house right now!!

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