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Everything is Closed

The sub-zero temperatures that have blanketed the States all winter are continuing. It’s a bit warmer today with a high of -2 but the wind chill is around -40. Sooo everything is closed again. I heard on the radio that over 300 schools and businesses in NE Wisconsin are shut down today. Except where I work, of course. πŸ™‚ I would LOVE a snow day!! Ben sometimes chooses to work from home when the area schools are closed and he’s doing that today, which means I get door-to-door shuttle service and don’t have to sit in an icy car and wait for it to warm up and clunk down the street.

I was randomly sniffing my hair all day yesterdayfor signs of onion perfume and it seemed like it was diminishing – until I took a shower last night. I think freshly washed hair actually smells worse than hair that’s been dry for a few hours. Maybe it’s the same concept as wet dog smell? I am going to try my rosemary spray this weekend and see how that works. I was tempted to try last night but in case it’s different from what I’m expecting, I thought it was safer to try over the weekend.

Alex pushes carts at our local grocery store and in this weather I get really worried about him. They only let you stay out for 10 minutes at a time, and then you need to warm up for 3 minutes inside. Let me tell you – I would be frozen much quicker than 10 minutes in and it would take much longer than 3 minutes for me to warm up. I don’t know how he does it!

Last night Mom had an appt and couldn’t pick him up so I went and grabbed him. We got home and I offered hot cocoa and my electric blanket – and cookies.


We picked up some pre-formed caramel apple cookie dough a couple weeks ago and this seemed like the perfect time to warm up the oven and make a few. The best part about already made dough is that you can cook just what you are going to eat. Portion control!


We each had two and they were delicious! πŸ™‚

After Alex left we worked on dinner. Our freezer is loaded with Omaha Steak items we got for Christmas, so we tried the hot dogs and the potatoes au gratin – with some green veggies.


The hot dogs are actually really salty and the potatoes – meh. There are definitely funky ingredients in the potatoes and I don’t think either of us liked them enough to order them ourselves. Still, it was fun to try them.

I whipped through my Accounting homework so I’m all set for class tomorrow. My initial plan was to go to BodyPump tonight for my 5th workout of the month but I’ll have to check and see if they cancel classes or not.

Stay warm everyone. This cold can’t last forever. I promise. πŸ™‚


3 Responses

  1. I’m from southern MN and I just looked at the extended forecast for next week and temps are still going to be cold – below zero at night. The TV weather guy said last night the cold temps could stay until Valentines Day. UGH. Hope he is wrong. Try to stay warm!

  2. We are starting to get more snow right now…nothing as crazy as your cold temps, but still not fun!

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