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Where Has All The Hair Gone?

Hurrah – I made it through my crazy night yesterday. I got home and whipped together a barely-literate homework assignment and made it to class with 3 minutes to spare! Success. Luckily for me, Accounting class last night was pretty benign. There weren’t long math problems to figure out and most of it was concepts I have already covered many times in other classes. That’s the one thing I am not fond of: the repetitiveness. Last night’s class covered exactly what my other class covered last week. Well, at least there’s less to study even if I wish it were more practical and useful information. I’d like to learn something I can use, you know?

It’s been getting harder and harder to style my hair in the morning. By “style” I mean clip back in a barette or pull back in a low ponytail. The problem is my hair loss still isn’t slowing down. Every week I clean out my hair brush and inwardly despair at the huge clump that has fallen out. I would have thought it would have stopped by now. No dice. What little I have left is limp and somewhat frizzy despite oil treatments and extra conditioner. I can even see some balding spots on the sides of my temples and have to be creative with parts and clips to mask the spots.

Maybe I need a swank new haircut?

wise guys haircuts

I’ve been trying to grow my hair out so I could have more options for wedding hair but I think with so little, it’s pulling even more no matter what I do. So… I think I’ll need to whack a few inches off and see if that helps at all. In the meantime, I keep reading about things to try to get hair to stop falling out. I’ve been doing the biotin and multivitamin but also read extra zinc can help. My protein is fine, so no problem there. This morning I read about blending a whole onion, castor oil, and vinegar and leaving it on your scalp for 3 hours. OMG. That sounds so wickedly nasty … but it would be my luck that something like that would actually work. –sigh–

Last night was a quick meal night. We went with Costco’s tri-colored tortelloni for dinner. Just six minutes in boiling water and dinner was on the table!003

Everything is better with cheese. I think the only way I could ever stop eating cheese is if it resulted in hair loss. Ha ha!


So I’ll admit I’ve been a bit depressed and down the past few weeks. I think the hair loss is a big part of it combined with the cold and dreary weather. Part of me thought I could hop back on the diet if I needed extra help to lose more weight and be able to fit into my wedding dress, but I don’t think I can risk anything that might prolong the fallout (pun intended). Since I just renewed my gym membership, I get another free assessment and mini personal training session and I’m hopeful to find some new exercises and ideas to help me get started.

In the meantime, I keep towel-drying my hair, being extra careful not to brush in full strokes, and use only the loosest and tiniest hair ties to reduce pulling on my scalp.

Maybe I should save all my hair and sprinkle it around my shrubs to ward off the rabbits.


5 Responses

  1. Oh boo!!! I lose a ton of hair all of the time, but I have SO much of it that it’s not a big deal to me. Maybe your doctor would have better ideas?

    • I’m jealous. I’ve always had very fine hair so this is even more devastating. I did ask my Dr and she suggested some medications I could try (no thank you) or “don’t do a low-carb diet again”. Not as helpful as I would have wished. 😦

  2. I have the same problem ! I don’t wash my hair everyday like I used to because it falls out so much and I don’t brush my hair anymore . To depressing. 🙂

  3. Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Not just TSH, but free T3 and T4. Particularly since you went on a diet, might be a good idea to see if those numbers are okay. Hair falling out can be a sign of thyroid problems. Get a doctor who will listen.

    • Yes, I ran through the entire panel. Three vials of blood, $430 and I am right smack in the middle of “normal”. I got print outs of all the results and the only thing slightly on edge was iron – but still well in the normal range. I got the TSH, FSH, T3, T4, and there were a couple other things as well.

      I do know for sure it was because of the low carb diet. It’s pretty common actually so the trick now is to find a way to get the hair growing again ASAP!!

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