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All Over The Place!

I feel like I’m a bit in scramble mode right now. I have an assignment due for class on Thursday that required writing a step-by-step visual instruction document on a random thing. I decided to do mine on cleaning a load of laundry.

I also really wanted to hit BodyPump since it’s only offered one non-class night per week and Ben even left work a little early to join me. So we dashed off to Pump and then had to meet with one of the sales reps because my membership had expired. Ugh. What should have taken 15 minutes ended up taking an hour and we got home around 6:45pm. Ben was kind enough to get dinner started and I was busy snapping away at laundry tasks and trying to crank out Accounting homework.

Sorting the laundry into light and dark piles:


Correctly measuring the detergent and fabric softener:


Checking garment tags for any special instructions:


Ben’s random picture of me fixing the neckline of my sweater while balancing my blanket over my arms (baby, it’s cold inside and outside!)


I was giggling and asking him what he was doing. He said a random picture was needed.

etc, etc…

I finally got it all done and completed my Accounting homework. This morning I logged in to submit the assignment… Oh. We can no longer pick our own topic. Now it’s supposed to be making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using pita bread AND answering some random questions from the textbook. Guess who doesn’t have pita bread at home?

I emailed the instructor and he said I need to follow the instructions and can’t substitute. So now after work I’ll be racing to the store, making a PB&J on pita bread, trying to answer those questions and get them typed up and submitted, and then also get to Accounting class on time. Maybe I’ll have time for dinner in there too. I think it’s going to be a long night!!

I forsee lots of coffee in my future!


I also feel old – like my mind is losing its sharpness. Have you ever felt like that? Even yesterday, I got my blog post finished before work, hit submit, and didn’t notice until last night that it never published and was hanging out in my “draft” folder. I’m hanging in there though despite feeling a bit swamped. I had been eyeing up mid-semester break even before the semester began and Ben and I had planned to take that week and go someplace warm to relax and unwind. Now with no mid-semester break (why would they get rid of that?) we get done a week earlier but I don’t get that much needed rest the end of February.

So I’ll just hang in there. Maybe I’ll toss a beach towel on the ground and put my sunglasses and flip flops next to it and pretend I’m on the beach. You know how you can get those movies that just play a crackling fireplace? Maybe they have one that shows a beach. I could sit and stare at that some Saturday morning. Ha ha ha!

Alright, my dead brain needs to get outside and brave the morning snowfall to get to work. Here we go!


2 Responses

  1. Safe travels! Hope things settle down soon!

  2. Yeah, I get the feeling old thing. Sometimes I worry about my sanity LOL!

    No warm break for you? Bummer. I am so glad for our trip in a couple weeks, This winter is feeling wretched for some reason.

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