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Quick Meals for Busy Gals

It’s only -6 today. We’re in the midst of another cold snap of weather. Apparently the travel agents have been extremely busy lately with all the folks looking to get out of Dodge. It’s not just the really cold weather and the snow/ice/etc… but it’s been cloudy and overcast for days. I think a lot of people can handle the cold and snow but if you throw in the dark and dreary too and it’s just a lot to handle.


The first day of Spring is right around the corner. The days are getting longer and we’re 10 days away from closing the book on January. Oh – and February is such a short month it almost doesn’t count, right? 🙂

I’ve been spending the last few evenings working on homework. I still have more left and am hoping to hit BodyPump right after work and then eat a quick meal and finish it up. Speaking of quick meals, we’ve been in major meal-planning mode around here. Since I have classes on back to back nights, we need to plan ahead so that we can make meals that whip together quickly.

We made a trip to Costco and took some of the family along for the ride. Dad and Matt had been there with me before but Alex had never been in the store and was especially excited for all the samples. We went around lunchtime so we could grab some of their freshly made pizza and then walk around.


We’ve been loving the pre-made soups. I brown a pound of ground chicken, divide in half, freeze one half and put the other into the soup. Sometimes we’ll cook broccoli and add that into the soup too for a bit of extra veggies.

This is the Kirkland’s chicken tortilla soup with some finely shredded cheese and sour cream on top.


Ben prefers a different topping:


We’ve also just tried their pre-made quiche. We bought a two-pack and since neither of us had ever had a quiche before, it was an adventure. We started with the quiche Lorraine first (ham and swiss) since that seemed more likely to interest Ben than the spinch florentine (which will be tried later this week on a school night)


The quiche took 25min to cook and was actually surprisingly good.


The crust wasn’t dry and crumbly and I loved just being able to toss it into the oven and be ready to go.

Ideally we’d like to get away from pre-packaged foods but we don’t have the freezer space right now to make a batch of something and tuck half away for another meal. We do OK on leftovers but often no one wants the same meal 3+ days in a row and we toss the rest. I think a chest freezer is on the 2014 purchase list, especially since I’d like to be able to freeze more of the garden goods this year.

Yes, I’m already thinking about gardening. Nevermind that my future garden location is under 2 feet of snow. Minor detail. 😉

Well i’m off to bundle up and head to work. Wishing you all a fabulous and warm Tuesday!


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  1. Mmmm my mom makes quiche on Christmas morning and I was sad to have missed it this year 😦 So good!

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