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Cranking Right Along

Whoop-de-whoop! It’s the day before Friday. I heard they are streaming the Oscars live today but I’m not sure this is a year I am all that interested in what happens. I seem to have completely missed seeing any of the big films. We watched the new Hobbit movie and I went with Ben to see Anchorman 2… but that was it. Has anyone seen any of the big films out there? Any recommendations on what to see or what not to see?

We got home last night and Ben got to work snowblowing while I whipped dinner together. We bought a cheap/on sale rice maker a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure I really like using the cooker (it tends to brown the rice at the bottom) but I am a fan of being able to cook rice and steam veggies at the same time. Clearly I’m easy to please with kitchen gadgets.


I soaked chicken breasts in buttermilk and then dredged them in pecans, parmesan, italian seasoning, and salt. Brown them and then pop in the oven. Easy.


Can you see how brown the rice got? That doesn’t seem quite right… We did cook it with both water and chicken brother – so maybe that’s what did it. Not sure.

I bundled up like crazy for class last night since last week the schoolroom was soooo freezing everyone kept their coats on. This week, it was so hot the teacher gave us three breaks to walk outside and cool off. I never thought I would be too hot this time of year! 🙂

Accounting homework got a bit easier – the teacher adjusted the format so we don’t have to have our weekly assignments done until the next week instead of the Sunday. That will help!

We have another inch or so of snow expected today. I have my whole calendar perfectly clear for the weekend and I’m soooo excited to just be able to veg about. Maybe I’ll take the Christmas tree down. Does anyone else still have theirs up?



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