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Setting the Rhythm

Snow is on the way. It was supposed to start around 3am and wrap up early evening but it’s shifted/slowed/whatever and now is starting around 8am and going until 6am TOMORROW. Ugh. I’ll admit though, I fully enjoyed how perfectly clear and clean the roads were yesterday. One day of delightful driving conditions is a lot to ask for around here. 😉

There’s tons of people taking advantage of it too. As I’m writing this, there’s people out running. The shoulders are clear and the temps are hovering just a touch under freezing – you don’t get weather conditions like that often in January. Personally, 5:45am is too dang early to be outside running in the dark. That or I’m just lazy. Ha ha!

We went out for dinner last night and my charming date was excited for dinner time. He was starving. We went to HuHot which is pretty fun. I tend to get one big plate loaded with all my favorites but Ben does two trips with smaller plates and mixes the sauces up a bit more.

Plate ala Ben:


chicken, black beans, broccoli, carrots, green pepper, weird hot sauces.

I’m supposed to point out “all” of the vegetables on Ben’s plate to you guys. Hee hee. Ben was very proud of himself!

I tried their asian salad and it was absolutely delicious! The dressing was a kind of balsamic and along with the mandarin oranges, it was a really nice combo. I haven’t done much with balsamic but now I’m thinking I should try.


Plate ala Ali:


chicken, sausage, green peppers, potatoes, chinese noodles, bean sprouts, mango (had to try it!), carrots, celery, onion, and regular mild sauce.

Somehow in there I forgot broccoli. The chow mein noodles on top are mega-sized. I’m used to ones maybe half that size. Either way, the plate was delicious but I think I will give Ben the gold star for having the healthier entree. That doesn’t usually happen. 🙂

We went out to the store to buy some large garbage cans and smaller buckets to place over my shrubs. They are getting completely decimated by the return of the rabbits. We went months this Fall without seeing any and now, suddenly, they have returned in full force. I’d rather they nibble in the Spring when the plants are better able to protect themselves…

Now that I’m back into the school schedule, it’s amazing how strict I have to be each night in order to get everything accomplished! I had really wanted to wait to fully get back on the exercise bandwagon until the semester is over, but that would only give me two months to whip myself into shape before I need to get my wedding dress fitted & altered – so that won’t work. I think I’ll need to just schedule it out on the calendar so I have a better chance of getting it in. Any tips for finding time to exercise when you’re swamped?


2 Responses

  1. Ben did good with his veggies 😉 It’s been feeling more like spring because we have had rain! Too bad it is on top of tons of snow, so it all pools up in the roads and sidewalks. Things are flooding around here, too. Good thing we live on a hill – and I am afraid to go check out our new house LOL!

    Stay safe from the snow!

  2. I do things at home so I don’t have to waste time heading to the gym! Workout DVDs, free weights, jump roping…whatever it takes for the busy days! 🙂

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